the tragedy of macbeth study guide

the rhymed couplet on lines 10-11 is the witches’ most famous utterance. what motif does it express? the mask motif, that is also a paradox
what theme does it introduce? things aren’t always what they seem
what prediction do the witches make in scene i? where is it to take place? there is a battle, macbeth will be there
who reports macbeth’s bravery in battle? be specific and write what he says macbeth did. The captain, “for brave macbeth-well he deserves that name-disdaining for turne, with his brandished steel, which smoked with bloody execution
where is the first mention of blood in the play? act 1 scene 2 line 18
who is the enemy scotland is fighting? Norwegians
according to the captin, how do banquo and macbeth react when the enemy renews its supplies and men in the battle? they came back stronger than ever
what does ross report to the king? the thane of cawdor was a traitor but macbeth defeated him, and they are victorious!
who is the second traitor mentioned in the play? the thane of cawdor
what famous lines does the king say with regards to macbeth’s future on pg.304? “what he hath lost, noble macbeth hath won”
what are the witches talking about at the beginning of scene iii? talking about the woman who didn’t give her chestnuts and then cast a spell on her husband at sea to die.
list the 3 predictions the witches make about Macbeth. Macbeth will be thane of glamis, cawdor, and eventually king
List the 3 predictions they make about banquo lesser than Macbeth but greater, Not as happy but yet happier, Your descendants will be kings but you won’t
What is Macbeth’s reaction to the witches? How does it contrast with banquo’s? He is confused caught off guard. Banquo is excited and confused
What does Ross report to Macbeth? What is macbeth’s reaction? what is banquo’s reaction? M-He is thane of cawdor. confused cause someone is already thane of cawdor B- He is not sure about if he believes them.
In scene iv, who is the king talking about when he says “to find the mind’s construction in the face: He was a gentleman upon whom I Built absoulte trust? What motif is this? what theme is it? He was talking about the old thane of cawdor. It’s a mask motif.
How does the King greet Macbeth after the battle? he tells him he is Thane of Cawdor
How does he greet Banquo? Duncan says he is just as great as macbeth and everyone should know
What announcement does the king make about his son malcom? His son is air to the thrown
Why is this significant? In there time, kings sons were not allowed to be airs to there father’s throne.
What is the tone of Lady Macbeth when she reads the letter from Macbeth? She is happy, excited to kill duncan, and gain fame from her husband becoming king
Why does she fear “macbeth’s nature” fears that macbeth is not manly enough
what does this tell you about her? she just wants to be the queen, selfish
When the messenger announces that the king is on his way to invernesss, list three things lady macbeth asks the “spirits” to do to her? Thicken my blood and clog up my veinscome to my female breasts and turn mothers milkk to acid come thick high and cover the world in the darkest smoke of hell
Why does she ask this? So that she won’t be weak
Write down the lines the king says about inverness, the castle. what motif is this? what theme?what does it tell you about him Dramatic irony, masks, he doesnt expect anything but the good of the people
in scene vii,, Macbeth utters his first soliloquy. what is the our purpose of the speech. he is contemplating killing duncan.
what is macbeth’s decision about killing the king in line 31, why? he wont kill him because, he has other business to do.
How does lady macbeth react to this decision? She tells him he is not a man and is mad
who develops the plan to kill the king? lady macbeth
How does macbeth react to the plan? he says okay, but has no real opinion
What does this line mean: “False face must hide what the false heart doth know?” When have you heard a simialr line. spoken by whom? Means hide your fake facem what you know is evilin your heart. To lady macbeth “Act like a innocent flower, but be the serpent under it”
Define a tragic hero A hero who falls tragicly
How does Macbeth show positive qualites of a hero? list at least two ways/ He defeats the nowegians. and is a leader
How does he show negative qualilties of a hero? list at least two ways. he wants to kill duncan he wants more power
What is his tragic flaw he wants to kill the king and become king
what stikiing visual contrast are presented in the sliloquy? the dagger appearing in mid air and him following it
describe the blood imagery present in the soliloquy. blade and dungeon gouts of bloodbloody business which informs
what elements of the supernatural are present in the soliloquy the floating dagger, witches offering sacrifice
what is macbeth’s state of mind, as revealed by the soliloquy? he is only thinking about killing duncan
how has macbeth changed since act I? he commits murder and hides it
How is this dialouge different at first from the exchanges between them earlier in the play? they are jumpy and scared whenever they hear a noise.
what apparently is the reaction of both characters to the murder? they are scared
who seems to recover more quickly? lady macbeth
what does this tell us about this character? she doesn’t care about who gets in her way, she will do what needs to be done. an move on.
What is the symbolic meaning of blood in this passage? What he has done murder
what does water symbolize for macbeth? all the water in the world can’t wash the blood off his hands
what does this statement indicate about her character? a little water hidesthe fact that we killed duncan
how is macbeth different from lady macbeth? does he realize the consequences of his act? Macbeth realizes the sin he has committed and regrets it immediatley. lady macbeth just wants to move on from it all and only thinks of herself
why does lady macbeth’s statement seem ironic when contrasted with maceth’s words? Because of what will later happen to her.
What happened just prior to this scene? duncan was murdered by macbeth
how does the character of the porter break the dramatic tension? what kind of humor does he interject? he is drunk and says how it could be three different people. he interjected cominc relief.
What immedietly follows the humourous exchange between him and the other characters? They go to awake the king.
What is the effect? They find the king dead
Why is macbeth unable to say amen? He needed God’s blessing to say it but he had just killed Duncan
Macbeth imagines that a voice speaks to him. what message is spoken? what does it mean/ How does Macbeth interpret it? The message is that he will never sleep again. It means that he will never be able to rest after what he did.
Who are the second and third vitims? why? The two servantsmacbeth killed them out of anger
why do malcolm and donalbain secretly leave macbeth’s castle? they think they are next to be killed
where do they go? to ireland and england
why are malcolm and donalain suspects in the murder for their father? what motive is attributed to them? They left and they would be next in line for the throne
What does banquo think macbeth now? a That macbeth cheated, that he might of done something
Based on this speech at the beginnning of act III, describe banquo’s mood he’s conflicted
why does Macbeth ask banquo about his plans? macbeth wants to know because he plans on killing baquo
according to macbeth’s soliloquy, why does macbeth fear banquo becasue his noble, brave, and the witches said his son’s will be king
how do the murders charactize themselves? As men
Why does macbeth hire muders? to kill banquo
considering the action in scene i, how has macbeth’s view of murder changed since he killed Duncan? he now sees murder as a way to cover everything he has done, he would lose the support of the throne.
what does this suggest about his downfall as the tragic hero? that he is going to lose his morals
how does macbeth describe his life in lines 13-26? he will live eat and sleep in fear
how have lady macbeth and macbeth changed in scene iii they are unforgiving and blood thirsty
the muders kil___ adn ___ escapes Banquo and fleance
scene iii often called the turning point of the play. what happens in scene iii? macbeth kills his best friend, this is the beginning of his downfall
Why is the line “but banquo’s safe” ironic because he is dead
In line 29 ___ is “the grown serpent Banquo
____ is “the worm that’s fled” Fleance
Macbeth is speaking to ___ in line 50-51. How are his words in line 50 true? Banquo he didn’t actually do it
How do Macbeth’s guests act when they see their host talking to an apparently empty chair? They think he is craxzy
Lady macbeth calls the ghost that macbeth sees a painting of his fear. what does lady macbeth tell the guests to ignore him and it will go away
Macbeth notices that someone is not present at the party. who is missing? what could this second absence suggest to macbeth? macduff
what does the last line of scene iv mean/ they only just begun
where is macduff and what is he doing? in england asking edward for help
What ingredients do into the witches stew? frogs tongue, newts eyes, fur from a bat, dogs tounge, forked tounge of an adder, stinger of burrowing worm, lizard leg. owl wing all represnt hell
what has macbeth come to ask the witches to do? how do they answer? to give him another prophecy they tell him through appariations (there master)
Which noblemam does macbeth plan to murder after talking with the witches? why? macduff, he is next in line and he could over throw macbeth
at the end of scene 1 what does macbeth vow? how is this carried out in scene 2> he is going to kill macduff’s entire family. he sends his men to the castle to kill them
who warns lady macduff to flee? messenger
during the conversations between malcomn and macduff in scene 3, what faults does malcom claim to have> he claims he will steal all the women and have just for them take land down from all the rich people, no matter how much he has will always want and take more
why does malcom claim to have these faults, and how does macduff respond to them he claims to have these faults so he won’t have yo be king. Macduff claims that however bad he is macbeth is worse
what comparison does malcom make between himself and macbeth malcom may be bad but macbeth is worse
what does ross mean when he tells macduff “let not your ears despise my tounge forever..” I hope you won’t hate me for what I am about to tell you