The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare Act 1 questions Scene1-2

Who is Duncan? The king of Scotland
Who is Macbeth in relation to Duncan? His cousin
How will understanding this relationship help you as you read? This will help the reader understand Macbeth’s actions
What might you predict based on the character description? Macbeth will try to get power from Duncan.
In line 10, what do the three witches mean? That things are not always what they seem through the paradox “foul is fair”
Make a prediction about the significance of this statement of the witches. That there is going to be a lot of betraying.
Identify the figurative language in lines 8-9. simile
What comparison is Shakespeare making in lines 8-9? He is comparing the battle to 2 swimmers who hold onto each other as to not drown.
What idea is Shakespeare trying to communicate through this figure of speech? The idea that the two armies were to exhausted to go on.
Explain what the Captain says Macbeth has done to Macdonwald (lines 16-23). He cut him open from his stomach to his mouth.
Make inferences about Macbeth using details in the Captain’s description of the act. He has been killing many people to get to Macdonwald.
How does your inference compare to the description of a tragic hero in the introduction to Shakespearean tragedy that appears on pages 210 – 212? He is brave but also violent
Summarize the exchange between Duncan and Ross (lines 66-70). The Scottish won because the Norwegians asked for a peace treaty.
Why is Macbeth given this reward? Macbeth fights the Thane of Cawdor and will receive the title.