The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Test Questions-Multiple Choice

When Marullus and Flavius see the commoners, how did they react? They don’t like the commoners cheering for Caesar.
What does the quote “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves.”? It’s their fault that they’re the underdogs.
Why does Caesar comment about Cassius’s lean and hungry look? Caesar is suspicious of Cassius.
True/False: Casca and Cassius regard the disturbances and unusual events in the weather as coincidence. False
Why do the conspirators want Brutus on their side? It will make the murder seem good.
When the soothsayer warns Caesar to beware the Ides of March, how does Caesar react? He doesn’t act like it is a big deal
By the end of Act 1, Cassius feels certain about what? Manipulating Brutus
At the beginning of Act 2, what is Brutus’s attitude towards killing Caesar? He’s upset but he feels like it’s necessary.
Brutus wants the conspirators to spare Marc Antony. Why? Antony isn’t a leader or a threat to them.
Because of her husband’s behavior, Portia thinks Brutus is what? Mentally sick
What does Artemidorus warn Caesar of? The plan of the conspirators
Why does Caesar remark “At to Brutus”? Brutus betrayed him and he couldn’t believe Brutus was part of it.
How does the crowd react to Brutus’s speech. They support the conspirators.
Antony’s funeral speech convinces the crowd that the conspirators are what? Traitors
What does the angry mob do to Cinna the Poet? They kill him because they thought he was a conspirator.
What does Brutus accuse Cassius of? Taking bribes
The appearance of Caesar’s ghost foreshadows what? Revenge will be taken for Caesar’s murder
What is the disagreement over the march to Philippi over? Pride
Why did the opposing generals meet and talk with one another? To insult and challenge each other
Right before the battle Cassius sees omens. What does he see them as? Signs of death
Brutus would rather commit suicide than what? Be paraded through Rome in defeat
Why do Cassius and Brutus say goodbye? They believe it’s possible they will be killed.
Why does Cassius commit suicide? Misinterprets what Pindarus sees
Why does Titinius commit suicide? To show his loyalty to Cassius
When Brutus dies, what does he ask Caesar to do? Consider the assassination revenged

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