The Tempest Quotes: Ariel and Caliban

I ________ amazement flam’d
Thou ________, malignant _________ liest thing
A ___________, hag-_______- not ____________ with a human shape freckled whelpbornhonoured
What ho, ___________! Caliban! Thou earth, thou, _________! slavespeak
This island’s ____________ by Sycorax, my mother, which thou _____________ minetak’st from me
I _________ thee, and show’d thee ___________, the fresh springs, _______________, barren place and fertile- _____________ be that I did so! All the __________ of Sycorax, ________________ light on you! lov’dall the qualities o’th’ilseand brine pitscurs’d charms toads, bats, beetles
Whom _______ may move, not ________ stripes kindness
You taught me _____________ and my profit on’t is ______________ languageI know how to curse
I swear upon that ____________ to be thy _______________ bottletrue subject
I’ll show thee every ___________—and _____________ inch o’th’islekiss thy foot
Be not ___________, the isle is full of ___________, sounds and _______________ that give delight and _________—a thousand twangling instruments— the clouds methought would _____—that when I wak’d I cried ______________ afeardnoisessweet airshurt notopento dream again
Set Caliban and his companions ____________ free
How fine ___________ is! my master
What a thrice-double ass was I to _______________ take this drunkard for a god
A ___________, hag-_______- not ____________ with a human shape