The Tempest Q&As

Why is it significant that the play begins with a storm at sea? the ship wreakedstarts in chaos on purposestorm of conflict
Why does Miranda have such immediate empathy for the men in the ship? Since we learn that she has lived on a deserted island with her father since childhood, where would she have learned these ideas of pity and mercy? she was thoughtful/compassionateher father
Why is she so merciful towards the shipwreck victims but has only contempt and hatred for Caliban? Where and how would she have gotten her ideas? Caliban attempted to rape her. Ideas from her father.
What does it mean that Prospero has to take off his robe, his “magic garment,” before he can tell Miranda about her history? Prospero is getting real with her; no magic
Think about how you might tell your own child or a close friend the story of your past. How would you tend to characterize yourself and your actions in your story? What about Prospero’s story? Does he take any responsibility for what happened to him? Should he? you’re the goof person; prospero should take responsibility by shirking his duties to his brother
What crimes d oes Antonio, Prospero’s brother, commit? What motivates him? For which crimes is he most responsible? How do you judge him? Alliance with Alonsotries to kill his brother and young daughterBetrays his brotherMake himself the better of the two evils
In Prospero’s questioning of Ariel, we learn that the storm is part of Prospero’s design. Does he want to punish the conspirators o r lead them to repentance? He dis not harm them when he made their ship sink; it will take two days; he wanted Miranda and Ferdinand to fall in love
Ariel was imprisoned by Sycorax. Why? How does the physical description of Sycorax compare to your impressions of Ariel? Arial -would not do Sycorax’s evil plan-seems eagar to please Prospero-feels good on how the ship sank
What connection does Shakespeare establish between outward appearance and inner spirit? Do you think this is true? Why or why not? DIRECTLY RELATEDCaliban – disgusting/fatMiranda – young/beautiful/compassionate
1) What is your reaction to Prospero’s treatment of Caliban? 2) Does Caliban have a legitimate complaint against Prospero? 3) Why does Prospero keep Caliban as his servant even when he despises him? 4) Why do you think Caliban attempted to “violate the honor” of Miranda? 5) Did he or is this the way his acts were interpreted by Prospero and Miranda? 1) treats him badly2) used to be nice noe mean3) punishing him / free labor4) revenge against Prospero 5) He clearly wanted revenge; He did, but we can’t be sure
Prospero is happy that when Miranda first sees Ferdinand she is immediately captivated by his appearance? Why? What is his plan? He is happy because he wants them to fall in love so Ferdinand cannot die
Ferdinand and Miranda fall in love at first sight; Prospero says, “They have changed eyes.” Why does this seem feasible, given the emotional state of the two young people? Miranda- she’s never met a boy her age making her innocent & vulnerableFerdinand – thinks father died / ship wreak; sees her as calming
Me (poor man) my library was dukedom large enough. (I.ii. 109-110) Prospero to Miranda; loved studying / minimizing his own fault
But as ’tis, we cannot miss him. He does make our fire, fetch in our wood, and serves in offices that profit us. (I. ii.310-313) Prospero to Miranda; talking about Caliban
You taught me language, and my profit on’t is, I know how to curse. (I.ii.363-364) Caliban to Miranda; throws it back into her face
Sitting on a bank, Weeping again the King my father’s wrack, This music crept by me upon the waters, Allaying both their fury and my p assion With its sweet air. (I.ii. 390-394) Ferdinand to Ariel; music soliloquy
There’s nothing ill can dwell in such a temple. If the ill spirit have so fair a house, good things will strive to dwell with’t. (I.ii. 457-459) Miranda to Prospero; about Ferdinand