The Tempest Key Quotes: Act Five and Epilogue

A5 S1 “your affections would become tender”/ “tears run down his beard like winters drops from eaves of reeds” Ariel appealing to Prospero’s emotion – talking of Gonzalo – a dear friend of Prospero. Genuine emotion
A5 S1 “Mind would sir, were I human” Ariel awareness of human emotion
A5 S1 “the rarer action is in virtue than in vengeance””but this rough magic I here abjure”/ “I’ll break my staff”/ “I’ll drown my book” Prospero acknowledges forgiveness, throwing away his magic by throwing his magic books to the sea and breaking his staff. Rejecting magic, is the only way he can return to normal life on the mainland
A5 S1 “bee sucks”/ “cowslips”/ “owls”/ “summer merrily” Ariel’s song Where The Bee Sucks – semantic field of nature – freedom?
A5 S1 “dainty Ariel”/ “I shall miss thee” Prospero has genuine love for Ariel
A5 S1 “that oozy bed where my son lies” “where did you lose your daughter?” Alonso and Prospero’s encounter – Alonso is changed, not as nasty and villainous 2D character
A5 S1 “playing chess”/ “sweet lord you play me false” Miranda’s manipulate streak – similar to Prospero – not so innocent as she knows about the tactical game of chess
A5 S1 “Oh brave new world that has such people in it!” Miranda – seeing the noblemen – innocence and sweetness, never seen so many people before, overwhelming
A5 S1 “Set Caliban and his companions free” Prospero command to Ariel – forgiveness
A5 S1 “this thing of darkness I acknowledge mine” Prospero- accepting his dark side although initially directed toward Caliban
A5 S1 “was I to take this drunkard for a god and worship this dull fool” Caliban’s realisation of the stupidity of loss of control through alcohol
Epilogue “Now my charms are all o’erthrown,/ And what strength I have’s mine own Prospero acknowledging that he is now a mere mortal, not enhanced by magic.
Epilogue “But release me from my bands/With the help of your good hands…As you from crimes would pardon’d be,/ Let your indulgence set me free” Prospero – talking directly to the audience, symbolic of releasing the characters from the manipulation of the magic.Continuity of forgiveness, acknowledges that the audience all have faults, forgiving of all sins? Shakespeare talking through Prospero, asking the audience to let him go, to retire and let him die.