The Tempest Final Exam

How did Prospero and Miranda come to be on the island? A long time ago, when Miranda was a young girl, Prospero’s brother, Antonio, wanted to be King. So, one day a group of men kidnapped Prospero and Miranda, and put them on a small ship with no food or water, so they thought. Secretly, Gonazalo put food and water on their ship, making it so that they could survive.
What event led Prospero to start treating Caliban as his slave? Caliban attempted to rape Miranda.
Who taught Caliban to speak? How does he tend to use language? Why? Miranda taught Caliban to speak, and he tends to use his language for evil.
Why does Miranda think that Ferdinand might be a “spirit”? Miranda believes that Ferdinand might be a spirit because he is the most attractive man that she has ever seen.
How does Prospero treat Ferdinand? Why? How is this treatment like and unlike the treatment of Caliban? Prospero treats Ferdinand kindly, but is also telling Miranda that he is bad news.
From what event were the Italians returning when they were ship-wrecked? What is their attitude towards the event? They were returning from the wedding of Claribel (the king’s daughter) to the King of Tunis. They believe that it was a beautiful wedding, but also are unsure of the future of Carthage.
What kind of society would Gonzalo like to found on the desert island (II.i.146-70)? What is the reaction of his companions? Gonzalo imagines a society where there is no rich or poor or violence, but only innocent, friendly people. His companions tease him about his statements, and say “Long live Gonzalo”
What do Antonio and Sebastian want to do to Alonso and Gonzalo? Why? What does Antonio mean when he says, “What’s past is prologue” (II.i.254)? Antonio and Sebastian want to kill Alonso and Gonzalo so that they can be King and the King’s advisor. He means that what happened in the past creates the future events.
What does Caliban think Trinculo is? What does Trinculo think Caliban is? What does Stephano think Trinculo and Caliban together are? What is their plan, and what happens to it? To what extent would you call this plan revolutionary? Caliban thinks Trinculo is a spirit; Trinculo thinks Caliban is either a man or a fish that looks as if it had been struck by lightening; and Stephano thinks that Trinculo and Caliban are a 4 legged, 2 headed monster that lives on the island.
The Harpies are characters from classical mythology who punish a bad king by always destroying his meals with their filth. What role do the Harpies play in III.iii? Why is Gonzalo the only character who doesn’t see and hear the speech given by Ariel in the form of a Harpy? A harpie appears to tell Alonzo, Sebastain, and Antonio that they have sinned and are going to die. Gonzalo cannot see or hear him because he hasn’t done anything wrong.
What is Prospero’s major admonition to Ferdinand and Miranda? Why do you think he is so concerned about this? Prospero tells Ferdinand that if he takes Miranda’s virginity before they are married, then all Hell will break loose. I believe that he is concerned about this because her royalty will be damaged.
How does Ariel get the best of the low-life plotters? She leads them with her music to a swamp, where they were forced to be in the disgusting mud, and leads them in by enticing them with King’s clothes.
Who first asks Prospero for forgiveness? Who might you expect to ask Prospero for forgiveness? Alonso asks Prospero for forgiveness. I expected Antonio to ask for Prospero’s forgiveness seeing as how he is his brother, and it was his idea to get rid of Prospero.
What does Miranda mean by the phrase, “Brave new world” (V.i.185)? She means look at the wonderful beautiful people, which is a source of irony because they are all actually murderers and horrible plotters.