“The Tempest” Final

Who is Alonso? King of Naples
Who is Antonio? current Duke of Milan
Who is Claribel? daughter of the King of Milan
Who is Ariel? spirit who is magical
Who is the Boatswain? a sailor who is annoyed at the nobles
Who is Caliban? a monster
Who is Ferdinand? the son of the King of Naples
Who is Gonzalo? advisor to the King of Naples
Who is Miranda? daughter of Prospero
Who is Prospero? former Duke of Milan
Who is Sebastian? brother of the King of Naples
Who is Sycorax? evil witch who ruled the island
Who is Trinculo? drunk; court jester
Who is Stephano? drunk; butler
What is a mariner? a sailor
Where does the first scene take place? on a ship
Who is on board the ship in Act 1, scene 1? a royal party of nobles
How do Alonso, Gonzalo, Antonio, and Sebastian feel about the storm? They believe they will die
Why does the boatswain tell the king and the other royals to go below deck? He fears they will be in the way as the ship navigates through the storm
How do the nobles react to the boatswain telling them what to do? They are offended that he would command royals
Why do Gonzalo, Antonio, and Sebastian eventually go below deck? They go there to pray for safety
How is Prospero connected to the storm? He created the storm to shipwreck his enemies
Which statement best shows the relationship of Prospero and Antonio when they both lived in Milan? Prospero accepted Antonio’s help in ruling Milan, but was betrayed by Antonio
Who is the “noble Neapolitan” who provided Prospero and Miranda with food, clothing, and reading material? Gonzalo
Why did Prospero’s brother not have Prospero and Miranda killed? He was afraid of the reaction of the people of the city
How long has Miranda and Prospero been on the island? 12 years
How old is Miranda? 15 years old
Ariel owes a debt to Prospero because Prospero… freed him from Sycorax’s imprisonment in a tree
Which best shows the relationship between Prospero and Caliban? Caliban thinks Prospero stole his place on the island
What kind of knowledge did Caliban share with Prospero and Miranda, and what did he learn from them? the knowledge of the island and the Magic of Sycorax; he learned their language
What is the name of Caliban’s mother? Sycorax
Where did Sycorax live before her banishment on the island? Algiers
How does Ariel lead Ferdinand to Prospero and Miranda? He sings a song
How do you know the Ferdinand and Miranda fall in love at first sight? They are instantly attracted to each other
How many men has Miranda seen? 3
Prospero calls Ferdinand a “traitor” and a “spy” because Ferdinand… is the son of one of Prospero’s old enemies
What does Ferdinand say will make his imprisonment bearable? seeing Miranda every day
What is the best reason for the many speeches Gonzalo gives in Act 2? He is trying to distract the King from his grief
Why is Alonso feeling depressed and sad? Alonso is grieving the supposed loss of his son Ferdinand.
What happened to the garments of the royal party during the storm at sea? Their garments were drenched but now they are as fresh as they were the day they put them on in Africa.
Why does King Alonso regret allowing his daughter to marry the King of Tunis? The shipwreck would not have happened if they had not sailed to Tunis
Why does Antonio encourage Sebastian to kill the King? If Sebastian was king, Antonio would have more power
How can you infer that Antonio has not changed in 12 years? He is still hungry for power at any cost
How do Antonio and Sebastian find time to discuss their conspiracy? Ariel enchants the group to put most of them to sleep
What do Antonio and Sebastian try to do to Gonzalo and Alonso while they are asleep to kill them? stab them with swords
How do Sebastian and Antonio explain their swords being drawn? They explain that they heard wild animals roaring
What work is Caliban doing when Trinculo arrives? Caliban is carrying firewood
What does Trinculo think he has discovered when he first meets Caliban? Trinculo thinks he has run across some fish-like monster of the island
Where does Trinculo hide from the impending thunderstorm? Trinculo hides under Caliban’s cloak with him.
What is Stephano’s initial thought when the “monster with four legs” speaks? If he could tame it, he would bring it to Naples as a gift fit for an emperor
How did Stephano arrive at the shore of the island? Stephano floated to the shore on a barrel of wine.
What promises does Caliban make to Trinculo and Stephano? Caliban promises to show Trinculo and Stephano all the natural wonders of the island.
Why does Caliban agree to become a slave to Stephano and Trinculo and show them around the island? They offer him alcohol
Caliban thinks that Stephano, the person who gives him his first taste of alcohol, is a what? a god
What type of work does Ferdinand do as part of his enslavement to Prospero? Ferdinand is carrying logs
Who is the one who proposes marriage to the other? Miranda proposes to Ferdinand
What does Miranda accidentally reveal to Ferdinand? Her name
Who watches covertly as the young lovers express their love, and their desire to marry? Prospero watches
How does Miranda react when Ferdinand confesses his love for her? She weeps
How does Prospero feel about Miranda and Ferdinand falling in love? Delighted. This is what he’s hoped for.
Caliban calls someone a tyrant. Who is that person? Prospero is a tyrant
Caliban tells Stephano about Prospero’s stealing of the island from him. Who overhears the conversation? Ariel overhears
What does Caliban want Stephano to do with Prospero? kill him
What does Prospero do every afternoon? He sleeps
What does Caliban tell Stephano about Miranda? She’s beautiful
What does Stephano plan to do with Miranda? make her his queen
The royal party are weary from searching the island. Who or what have they been looking for? Ferdinand
What do Sebastian and Antonio plan to do when night falls? Kill Alonso and Gonzalo
What do Alonso, Sebastian, Gonzalo, and Antonio see as they are searching for Ferdinand? A banquet of food
In what format does Ariel appear to Alonso and company? a harpy
Identify the three men Ariel to whom he says they are “most unfit to live.” Antonio, Alonso, and Sebastian
How do the royal party react to the appearance of Ariel and his addressing them? They draw their swords
What punishment must Alonso endure for his part in deposing Prospero? The loss of his son
What does Prospero decide at the beginning of Act 4? Ferdinand can marry Miranda
What warning accompanies Prospero’s decision to allow the marriage? He must not sleep with Miranda before the marriage ceremony
How is the betrothal of Ferdinand and Miranda marked/celebrated? With entertainment in the form of a masque
Name the goddess of the rainbow. Iris
What does the goddess of the rainbow want to celebrate? “a contract of true love”
Which goddess is specifically not invited to be part of the entertainment? Venus
Why does Prospero suddenly halt the celebrations? He remembers the plot against him by Caliban, Stephano, & Trinculo
Into which of the following has Ariel led the drunken conspirators? Thorns, briars, & gorse
How did Stephano & Trinculo become so dirty? Ariel led them into a foul lake
What does Ariel do to distract Stephano & Trinculo from killing Prospero? hangs out nice clothes on a clothes line
Trinculo and Stephano are out of sorts because they have lost what? their wine
Why do Caliban, Stephano, & Trinculo run off at the end of Act 4? Spirit dogs and hounds chase them away
What do Stephano and Trinculo argue over? Who should have the clothes from the line
Who is in control of all other other characters at the start of Act 5? Ariel
Prospero praises Gonzalo. Which adjectives does Prospero use to describe him? Holy, honorable, & good
What board game do Miranda & Ferdinand play? Chess
The royal party will sail from the island in the morning. What is their destination? Naples
What does Prospero plan to do next? Resume his position as Duke of Milan
What happens to Ariel at the end of the play? He is given his freedom. We have no further information about his plans.
Whom does Prospero address in the epilogue? The audience
“What care these roarers for the name of King?” (I.i.17). What “roarers” does the Boatswain mean? the roaring winds and waters
What does Gonzalo mean when he says at the end of scene 1: “Now would I give a thousand furlongs of sea / for an acre of barren ground” (I.i.63 – 64)? He would rather die on land than on sea
“If by your art, my dearest father, you have put the wild waters in the roar, allay them” (I.ii.1-2). What significant fact do we learn from these words of Miranda? Prospero has magic powers
In Act 1, scene 2, Prospero says, “I have decked the sea with drops full salt (I.ii. 156), and Ferdinand refers to “mine eyes, never since at ebb” (I.ii.440). What do both of these images describe? Crying
“Thou poisonous slave, got by the devil himself upon thy wicked dam, come forth!” (I.ii.384-385). Whom does Prospero address in this quote? Prospero addresses Caliban
Stephano says, “What’s the matter? Have we devils here? Do you put tricks upon’s with savages and men of Ind, ha? I have no scaped drowning to be afeared now of your four legs” (II.ii.62-64). Who is he referring to? Caliban is the 4-legged creature
Identify the speaker: “We are such stuff as dreams are made on” (IV.i.173-174) Prospero says this
Identify the speaker: “O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world that has such people in’t!” (V.i.209-212) Miranda says this
Identify the speaker: “Give me your hands. Let grief and sorrow still embrace his heart that doth not wish you joy!” (V.i.249-251). Alonso says this