The Tempest + Dejection // An Ode

Who says this quote and what does it mean?”The direful spectacle of the wreck, which touchedThe very virtue of compassion in thee…So safely ordered that there is no soul… Betid to any creature in the vessel” Though Prospero seems to be performing evil with his magic, it’s actually not black magic, as he has been careful to make sure that everyone aboard the ship was safe. His intentions are good, even if his magic doesn’t always seem to be.
Who says this quote and what does it mean?You taught me language, and my profit on ‘tIs, I know how to curse. The red plague rid you Insists that one good thing came from learning his master’s languageā€”the ability to curse.
What does juxtaposition between light and dark in Dejection: An Ode represent? Light and Dark in Dejection: An Ode represents the conflicting emotions and mentality of Coleridge in relation to his ‘not-wife’. “Light o’erspread, phantom light, give live // grief without pang, void dark and drear, no relief”
In Dejection: An Ode, what stanza does juxtaposing dark emotions conflict with light. Stanza 2
Analyse this quote: “For lo! the New-moon winter-bright! And overspread with phantom light…I see the old Moon in her lap, foretelling The coming-on of rain and squally blast. ” And compare it to a scene The Tempest Introduction of moon represents positive mentality, personification of the moon within ‘her’ lap creates a sense of being with the Moon. Comparison to the Tempest with the ‘coming of rain and squally blast’ through the first scene in which Prospero creates a storm.
Explain why Miranda was so surprised at the thought of Ferdinand. What theme is represented in their relationship, and why was it emphasised. Miranda was involved in a microcosm because of her father, Prospero, and the involvement of another man in her life that wasn’t blood related was intriguing. The theme that is represented is loveIt was emphasised because of the microcosm she lived in, she had never felt nor seen any emotion in relation to man before, thus love at first sight was apparent.
How can the resolution/conclusion of The Tempest be compared to the ending of Shakespeares career (Include in your response reference to the Globe theatre) The conclusion of the Tempest is much alike that of Shakespeares conclusive career via the final compilation of all characters in The Tempest and their official goodbyes to the audience of the Globe Theatre.