The Tempest Critics – Ferdinand and Miranda

Rex Gibson (Maiden) Stereotypical maiden of romance
Rex Gibson (Aggressive) Shakespeare complicates her character
Rex Gibson (Role) Miranda’s role seems to be that of dutiful daughter
Sofia Valdivieso Main role is to obey her father
Mike Brett Miranda’s apparent freedom is entirely illusory
Thompson (Weak) An extremely feeble heroine
Thompson (Role) She has fully internalised the patriarchal assumption that a woman’s main function is to provide a legitimate succession
Margret Roper (Main) The relationship between Ferdinand and Miranda is central
Margret Roper (Prospero) Only can Prospero be restored through the union of Ferdinand and Miranda
RSC 2012 Production Emily Taffee played a more dominant Miranda
1968 Production Frank Kermode stressed the differences between the couple and Caliban
1857 Production Got rid of her abhorred slave line
Peter Brook’s production Had them have sex

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