The Tempest Critics

De Grazia not only are their histories similar and their powers interchangeable but both sorceress and magician are driven by the same passion – anger
Sir Peter Hall the most blasphemous play that shakespeare ever wrote…
Todd Stephano’s murder plot is based on folly rather than evil
Liz Dolimore The best of Shakespearean Humour is undercut with sadness-
Thomas MacFarland views the Tempest as an affirmation of pastoral values and Christian perspectives, Prospero is a godlike figure who presides over a golden world a place of social harmony where evil is defeated.
outline of pastoral romances three part structure of pastoral drama- flight or exile from court or city, retreat to a rural setting, and return. It leads to personal evaluation and growth.
Ronald B Bond contends as says the play deviates from the pastoral tradition by showing ones obligation to contribute to society through active devotion.
Richard Adams opening prepares us such opening prepares us… for a play in which order and authority are not fixed absolutely’
Richard Adams and social organization Social organization depends to some degree on setting and circumstances’-
Ricahard Adams Disagree he cares more here The domestic order on Prospero’s island is but a shadow of the political order ay the head of which he once stood as Duke of Milan’-
Emma Reeves Relationships with Prospero are ‘amicable, even affectionate, until the subject questions Prospero’s right to control.’
Kahn claims “Prospero displays a superb combination of power and control”
Kermode ‘Prospero’s assumption of his right to rule the island is the natural assumption of a European Prince
David Lindley The play is often seen as a play about power and control but perhaps it should be seen as a play about the illusion of freedom-
Miranda Nesler Ariel represents the shifting nature of gender as it was regarded at the time-
E. M. W Tillyard (Antonio) Antonio is indeed one of Shakespeares major villains
E. M. W Tillyard (Caliban) Prospero felt thus, partly because Caliban’s conspiracy typifies the evil of the world which has so perplexed him and partly as he is still tempted tp be revenged on Alonso and Antonio’-
Paul Edwards says ‘there is more poetry in him and less unmotivated violence than in the civilised Antonio and Sebastian’
Paul Brown says Caliban’s action ‘legitimises Prospero’s take over of power’
Rex Gibson Shakespeare presents a eurocentric view of colonisation in The Tempest –
Mannon Caliban does not complain of being exploited; he complains rather of being betrayed –
Delvin Caliban is master of the situation-
Ann Thompson absent females argues absent females characters endorse Prospero’s power and dominance in the play
Ann Thompson patriarchal assumption Miranda demonstrates that she has fully internalized the patriarchal assumption that a woman’s main function is to provide a legitimate succession when asked to comment in the Wickedness of Propero’s brother’
Ann Thompson Miranda’s sexuality Prospero must control Miranda’s sexuality before he hands her over to Ferdinand”.
Ania Loomba argues that Sycorax ‘stands in complete contrast to the white virginal and obedient Miranda’.
Julie Taymor’s version of the play is a ‘message of female empowerment’
Mike Bret It could be argued that Miranda’s apparent freedom is entirely illusionary –