The tempest criticisms

Arguably, prospero become all the more any at caliban for his treatment of Miranda because _ Calibans attempted rape of Miranda simply reflects prospero’s incestuous desire, Freudian critics
Caliban is prospero’s _ representative of _ shadow, part of himself he finds unacceptable and therefore projects onto caliban, psycologist Carl Jung
Prospero’s harshness to Miranda when she praises Ferdinand could show either _ or _ He feels he should test her love as well as ferdinands, In Freudian terms he resents Ferdinand as a rival, critics
Prospero knows he must _ Do the right thing and forgive his enemies: he manages to do it but reluctantly and only after a struggle, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams
Language in the tempest becomes _ and A prime means of colonial oppression, Prospero, even if unintentionally, has imposed his own world-view on caliban through language, post-colonial critics
Prospero’s treatment if caliban highlights _ Prospero’s assumption that his culture is the civilised norm, and that caliban is a brute, whose speech is nonsensical, post – colonial critics
The masque _ although it’s language is Contributes to the plays magical atmosphere and gives a distinctive quality to its structure, not very impressive, frank kermode
The view can be taken that Miranda’s _ should _ Speech beginning abhorred slave, be spoken by Prospero
The tempest is concerned _ and the plays title _ Above all with the power of language, refers to the storm of speech that constitutes the play, Colin McGinn
Director believes it is _ which finally moves Prospero _ Ariels comment on pitying the nobles, to forgive them, Trevor nunn
In handing over rulership To his brother _ therefore Prospero was failing in his responsibilities, he is to blame for Antonio quite naturally wanting full authority, Marxist critics
Pairs of _ have been identified in the play Character doubles, critics
Prospero _ and sycorax _ are _ The true magus, witch, poles apart, yates
Sycorax’s role in the play is defined as Nothing less important than the islands other magician to which Prospero is implicitly compared, dan harder
Prospero strictly uses _ His magico-scientific powers for good, Yates
Prospero is identified traditionally as _ The very Shakespeare himself… Of the tempest, Coleridge
Prospero’s power over other characters in the play _ Is far from being benign, serene or admirable, as it has been traditionally presented, Gordon McMullan
The play was first identified as _ Allegorical, romantic criticism
Prospero’s humanity when he tells Miranda about their past was further emphasised by _ Roger Allam as Prospero symbolically laying aside his staff alongside his ‘magic garment’, the globes 2013 production
Prospero’s compassion begins to dominate his psyche in act 1 scene 2, meaning that _ Anything that might have been disagreeable to us in the magician, is reconciled and shaded in the humanity and natural feelings of the father, Coleridge
Ariel identified with _ and caliban with _ Air, Earth, schlegel
Caliban equated with _ Ariel with _ and Prospero _ True brute understanding, fancy, imagination, Lowell
Shakespeare underlines that Prospero _ Loves his daughter, but uses her as a dynastic pawn, Gordon McMullan
Properly is seen to _ in an attempt to resolve his own history Control and manipulate his daughter Miranda with a rhetoric that is, at best, economical with the truth, Gordon McMullan
Audiences generally sympathiese with Prospero but _ Don’t necessarily admire the means he deploys to negotiate his return to the corridors of power in Europe, Gordon McMullan
After the view that _established, Prospero became identified as Shakespeare Creativity was the outward sign of inward growth, romantics