The Tempest Acts 1-3 Quiz

What is a tempest A really bad storm
Who was conjuring up the storm? Prospero
Who is Prospero’s daughter? Miranda
Who is Prospero’s brother? Antonio
When did Prospero and Miranda come to the island? 12 years ago
How old was Miranda when she came to the Island 3 years old
What is the only thing Miranda remembers before coming to the Island? That she had 4-5 people tending to her
Who is Alonso The King of Naples who helps Antonio get the job of Duke of Milan
Who is Sebastian? Alonso’s brother, who plays along with Antonio’s plans and tries to Kill alonso.
Who is Antonio? Prospero’s brother who takes over his job and tries to kill him before Prospero leaves.
Who is Ferdinand? Alonso’s son, who falls in love with Miranda and they get married
Who is Gonzalo? A councilor who helps the crew feel better. He is an optimist. He helps Prospero and Miranda escape Milan
What is Prospero’s magic called in the story? “Art”
Was it a blessing or a curse that Prospero and Miranda were taken to this island? Both
How did Antonio take over the Dukeship of Milan? Prospero allowed for him to run the state while he digs into his magic books in his library. Antonio consults with Alonso the king and he is made Duke after he begins to get good at governing.
Who helped save Prospero and Miranda from Antonio? Gonzalo did by getting them a boat to sail away on, food, clothes, and especially Prospero’s magic books.
Who is Ariel Former servant to Sycorax, Ariel is a spirit that follows and is obeying to Prospero. She kind of facilitates all of Prospero’s plans. She is promised liberty after two days of carrying out these plans of Prospero.
What did Ariel appear as on the boat? Fire jumping through everything and burning everything.
What is the story of Sycorax and Ariel Ariel was Sycorax’s servant who couldn’t perform any of the tasks she had given him. So, Sycorax locked her in a tree and when Sycorax died, Ariel was locked in the tree forever. Until, Prospero let her free.
Who is Caliban? The Son of Sycorax, and Prospero’s servant. He thinks he is the rightful ruler of this island and hates Prospero, tries to impregnate Miranda, and is also Trinuclo and Stephano’s servants.
Who taught Caliban everything he needed to know when he was young? Prospero
what does Prospero do to Caliban when he disobeys him? He inflicts muscle cramps on Caliban.
Who is lost, and considered dead by Alonso? Ferdinand
What does Prospero call Ferdinand to test him? A traitor and a spy
Who is the optimist in the story who always tries to cheer people up? Gonzalo
Who says this quote, “lush and lusty grass,”? Gonzalo
Who is Alonso’s daughter and who is she married to? Claribel and she is married to the King of Tunis
Where was the ship on its way to when it crashed? On its way to his daughter in Tunis
Who persuades Alonso that Ferdinand is still alive? Francisco
Who makes everyone fall asleep on the island? Ariel
Who persuades Sebastian to try to kill Alonso? Antonio
What do Antonio and Sebastian say startled them and drew them to take out their swords? A lion
Who is Trinculo A jester, who was on the ship that crashed. He is a drunk and he ducks under Caliban’s blanket.
Who is Stephano? A drunken butler who always has alcohol, and discovers trinculo and Caliban under the cloak.
What does Stephano call Trinculo and Caliban? A four legged monster
What does Caliban think trinculo and Stephano are? Spirits of Prospero
After seeing Trinculo and Stephano, what now does Caliban think they are? God’s
What does Stefan claim he is? The man on the moon
Who does Caliban swear to be a servant to? Caliban swears to be the servant of Stephano
Who is really whispering when Trinculo is mistaken for speaking? Ariel
Who got into an argument in Act 3, scne two? Caliban and Trinculo do
What does Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo prepare to do? They are going to steal Prospero’s books, and kill him.
What do Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano follow that will lead them to Prospero? A song from Ariel.
What does Ariel appear as to scare The boat people? A harpy
What is the supposed punishment of Antonio’s crimes? His son’s death
What has decided for these men to be on this island? Fate/destiny
What is Prospero’s wedding gift to Miranda He gives them a masque where many gods appear and songs are song.
What three God’s appear at the masque? Iris, Juno, and Ceres
What does Prospero forget about while performing the masque Caliban’s plot to kill him.
What did Ariel do to Trinculo, Stephano and Caliban? Lured them to Prospero’s cave, and dropped them in scummy pool.
What was the bait for Caliban and his friends.? Prospero’s fancy clothes.
What does Caliban say he smells like after falling into the gross pool? Horse piss
What was the greatest tragedy for Caliban after falling into the pit? He lost his wine bottle.
What spirits chase after Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano? Spirit-dogs and hounds.
Why does Prospero decide to be merciful? Hearing Ariel speak so kindly about the sailors.
Where do the sailors stand while in Prospero’s cave? In a big magic circle
Who does Prospero thank? Thanks Gonzalo for being a true preserver to whomever he serves
Who does Prospero get mad at? Yells at alonso for treating him and Miranda terribly, and Sebastian, and Antonio who tried to murder the King
How does Prospero intimidate the sailors? He gets his sword and hat, and shows them that he is the genuine Duke of Milan
What does the sailors think that Prospero is? Another spirit that was sent to trick them.
Who was so surprised that Prospero survived and wanted to know how he did? Alonso
What is Ferdinand and Miranda doing behind the curtain? Playing chess.
What happens to the ship and the other survivors? The ship is perfect and all the sailors survived and where just asleep.
Who says that the ship is perfect and the survivors are ok? Ariel
Who is Alonso’s drunken butler? Stephano
How does Prospero say Caliban and friends can get forgiven? By cleaning his cell.
Where does Prospero invite everyone? Back to his place where he will tell. His story.
What does Prospero want to do for the wedding? Go back to Naples where they will be married, and then go back to Milan.
What is Ariel’s final task? To make sure that there is good weather for the ship to return.
What is the only way Prospero could be freed? By the audience’s clapping and approval
What is Prospero’s project? To please people with his stories.