The Tempest Act V Scene 1 + Epilogue

Set it free What does Prospero promise to do to Ariel for helping him?
They seem to be in a trance. How do Alonso, Sebastian and Antonio arrive when Prospero sends Ariel to get them?
Prospero Who said “Now my charms are all o’erthrown,”?
Ariel Who said “On the sixth hour, at which time, my lord, You said our work should cease.”?
Alonso Who said “My dear son Ferdinand”?
It is said to represent Shakespeare’s good bye speech. What is Prospero’s Epilogue said to represent?
The audience Who is the Epilogue directed towards?
12 years How long were Prospero and Miranda stuck on the island?
Naples Where will Miranda and Ferdinand be married?
His clothes What do Caliban, Stefano and Trinculo steal from Prospero?
Alonso and his family Who does Prospero invite to stay for with him for a night?
Calm seas on their travel. What is the last thing Prospero asks Ariel for?