The Tempest: Act Two

Where does Act Two take place? another part of the island
What are the attitudes f the characters in the opening lines of 2.1? they are happy to be alive
When Sebastian tells Antonio “He receives comfort like cold porridge[,]” what does he mean? refferring to pease-porridge (made of peas)–> it’s a play on words
Who verbally banters in 2.1 Gonzalo and SebastianAntonio and Sebastian
What wordplay does Gonzalo use? Sebastian says a dollar (money) and Gonzalo twists the word to be dolor (sadness)
What does Sebastian(?) win a bet over? the temperature
What is the double entendre of temperance 1) temperature2) negative name for a woman
What are two explanations for Gonzalo’s, Alonso’s, Sebastian’s, Antonio’s, ect. clothes being dry? 1) it’s a magical island2) appearance vs. reality –> (maybe the clothes aren’t really dry, but seem to be?)
From where were the king and his men coming Africa (Tunis) for Claribel’s wedding to the king of Tunis
What does Adrian call Claribel? What is this? a paragon–> calling her the ideal/ perfect woman
To whom do the men allude when they are talking about Claribel? Dido (was the queen of Carthage and had an affair with Aeneas)
What does Alonso think about his kids? -misses Claribel-thinks Ferdinand is being eaten by fishies
Example of dramatic irony in 2.1 Ferdinand thinks his dad is dead, but we know he isn’t. Alonso thinks Ferdinand is dead, but we know he isn’t.
What does Antonio’s line mean when he says Alonso’s grief is “most chirurgeonly?” he is commenting on the fact thst Alonso’s grief is cutting into him like a surgeon’s knife (chirurgeonly= like a surgeon)
How does Gonzalo depict his paradise? -no work-people are pure and innocent-whores and knaves (Antonio adds this?)-no royalty-he will be king-no violence-nature will provide food
What is the paradox in Gonzalo’s utopia? People will be pure and innocent, yet there will be whores and knaves…
When Gonzalo says “your Highness,” to whom could he be referring? -Elizabeth I ?-Poseidon ?
double meaning of mettle 1) sword2) bravery
what is batfowling -animal abuse-it’s like bear-bating, but with bats
What does it signify that Gonzalo wants to have batfowling in his utopia(is that correct?)? It symbolizes the explorers bringing their issues and vices into the new world
Sebastian tells Alonso that sleep helps with ___________ grief
Conspiracy #1 Antonio wants Sebastian to kill Alonso and plans on making Sebastian king
Why might Ariel put everyone to sleep except Antonio and Sebastian? maybe she wants to hear their innermost hearts with this sort of twilight trance, half way between sleep and alertness
What is the metaphor with the stopped/ flowing river? Antonio want Sebastian (the “standing water”) to act (flowing river)
Why are Antonio and Sebastian worried that Ferdinand might be alive? because he’s the next in line for the throne
What comparison does Antonio use to show how long it will take for word of Alonso’s murder to reach Claribel? “til newborn chins be rough and razorable”–> babies will grow up and shave before a letter gets to her
What does Antonio call Gonzalo? a chough–> a bird trained to sing–> he’s saying Gonzalo is Alonso’s puppet
what is “obedient steel?” a daggar
what is the “perpetual wink?” death
to what is Sir Prudence a reference medieval knight
Does Antonio regret his actions? What does this show us about his character? no–> he is a sociopath
What is Ariel’s job? What does this reveal about Prospero’s plan? Ariel’s job; shows that Prospero wants them alive for some reason
What does Alonso do when he sees Antonio’s and Sebastian’s swords above him? BELIEVES THE STUPID STORY ABOUT THE LIONwhat a guy…
Who are the characters in 2.2? Caliban TrinculoStephano
What literary device does Caliban use in his monologue and what purpose does this device have? uses imagery (biting apes, hedgehogs, adders/ snakes) to show the biting nature of Trinculo’s spell
Who does Caliban think Trinculo is? a spirit sent to torment him by Prospero
What does Trinculo want to do with Caliban? How does this relate to the allegory? What might the use of Calliban as representing the natives in the allegory show about Shakespeare’s opinion on colonization? wants to make money off of him as a freak show–> this is like the explorers taking advantage of the natives –> if Caliban (obviously characterized as evil) represents native people, perhaps Shakespeare is saying that it isn’t so unwarranted that the explorers exploited the natives
gaberdine a cloak
What famous quote does Trinculo say in 2.2? “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows”
Who is Stephano singing about? prostitutes or just girls (everyone hates Kate–> reference to Taming of the Shrew??? :0 :0)
What does Trinculo want to do with Caliban? make $ off of him
How does the alcohol build on the allegory? natives were introduced to alcohol by the explorers just as Stephano and Trinculo give Caliban liquor
What does Caliban think is happening to him when he drinks the liquor? thinks a demon is possessing him; thinks the alcohol is magical
Why does Caliban ant to serve T and S? because they have alcohol and he likes it
What does “kiss the book” mean analogy to making an oath on the Bible, but they’re making the oath on a bottle of alcohol
to what does “mooncalf” refer refers to the moon’s power over unborn babies–> because Caliban is weird
What does Caliban think now that he serves T and S? What is the reality? he thinks he has so much freedomreality= he’s still a slave

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