The Tempest: Act 3, Scene ONE — p3

Why did Miranda want Ferdinand to stop carrying logs? (JF) She thinks that he he shouldn’t work for her her father to gain approval to love her.
What did Miranda do that she promised her father she wouldn’t? (RR) Tell Ferdinand her name
When Act three starts, what is Fredinand doing? (AE) Chores/ Swooning over Miranda
What do Miranda and Fredinand decide to do? (AE) Get married/ be husband and wife
What is Prospero’s reaction to Marinda and Fredinand’s Plans? (AE) suprised; happy
Why did Miranda not listen to Prospero? (KW) She told Ferdinand her name
How long did Miranda say she was going to meet Ferdinand at the end of scene 1? (JF) Half an hour
What do Ferdinand and Miranda do at the end of scene 1? (JC) They get engaged.
Who told Miranda not to speak to Ferdinand? (MQ) Prospero
Who takes over Caliban’s duties? (MQ) Ferdinand
Who tries to help Ferdinand with his chores? (MQ) Miranda
What important question does Miranda ask Ferdinand? (JS) If he’ll be her husband
What do Ferdinand and Miranda promise each other? (RR) To become husband and wife.
Why does Miranda beg Ferdinand to take a break? (RR) She thinks she is stronger and he is exhausted
Who is the one who proposes marriage? (KW) Miranda
Why does Ferdinand call himself king? (KW) He believes his father has died in the storm
Why does Ferdinand do chores with no complaints? (JC) He knows he will get to see Miranda.
What did Ferdinand and Miranda promise to do? (BN) To married each other.
What did Ferdinand tell Miranda about the women he has known? (BN) That he has known alot.
What is prospero’s reaction to their (Ferdinand and Miranda) promise? (BN) He is happy.
What is Ferdinand carrying? (TB) Wood
Who overheard Ferdinand talking? (TB) Miranda
What happens when Ferdinand says he loves Miranda? (TB) She cries and says she is unworthy
How does Miranda react when Ferdinand tries to woo her with compliments (RH) She acts bashful and says that how can she be so beautiful of she has never seen another woman’s face but her own
How does Miranda react when Ferdinand told her about his prince, possibly kingly, status (RH) She doesn’t seem to care about it and acts as if it were not important
What does Miranda do before Prospero comes and burst in? (RH) She proposes to Ferdinand
What does Miranda tell Ferdinand that her father told her not to say?(SH) Her name
What does Ferdinand say about women he’s liked in the past? (JS) They’ve all had flaws in their character/personality
When Ferdinand is alone on stage in the beginning of the scene, what is this called? (JS) Soliloquy
How does Prospero feel about the proposal?(SH) Surprised but Happy
What chore is Ferdinand doing?(SH) Bearing logs
What does Ferdinand say after Miranda asks if he loves her? (JC) He says he will love, prize, and honor her.
Who proposed first? Miranda or Ferdinand? (KS) Miranda
Did Ferdinand and Miranda know Prospero was watching them? (KS) No
Why does Miranda say she is ignorant? (KS) Because the only men she’d seen in her lifetime were Prospero and Caliban
What does Miranda ask Ferdinand? (AS) To marry him
Why doesn’t Ferdinand want Miranda to help him? (AS) He’s full of pride and he thinks she’s worth it
What was Prospero’s reaction to Ferdinand and Miranda professing their love for one another? (AS) He says it was to be expected and he’s not as happy as they are
Who proposed to who? (AG) Miranda
What is Ferdinand doing when Miranda enters the scene?(AG) Piling up logs
How many men has Miranda met in her life? (AG) 2, Her Father and Ferdinand
What did Miranda and Ferdinand agree to? (AJ) To get married
What task was Ferdinand doing? (AJ) Carrying logs
What did Miranda try to do for Ferdinand? (AJ) To let him rest and she would take the logs
What’s Prospero’s reaction to their engagement? (DLW) He approves of their love and marriage
Why does Ferdinand put up with hauling logs? Because he wanted to be “Miranda’s Slave”
What does Miranda ask Ferdinand? (DLW) To marry her
Why is Prospero happy? (SR) Miranda is in love with Ferdinand.
How did Miranda go against Prospero? (SR) She told Ferdinand her name.
What happens between Miranda and Ferdinand? What does Prospero think? (JMo) They marry; Prospero approves but doesn’t want them to be have a bad relationship/break up.
What is Ferdinand trying to communicate during his initial lines at the beginning of the scene? (JMc) that although some tasks are difficult and even painful, their rewards, in this case the chance for love and continuous compassion he receives from Miranda, makes these tasks worth while
What is Ferdinand doing and why does he do it very willingly? (JMo) He is carrying logs and he does it because he serve Miranda
What does Ferdinand say he might be and why? (JMo) The King of Naples; Alonso, the king of Naples might be dead.
Why is Miranda so enamored with Ferdinand (T.K) Because he is one out of Two other men she has met in her entire life, plus he’s her age
Why does Miranda say she does not know that she is pretty? (MH) Miranda has not seen another women to compare.
Why does Ferdinand say he enjoys the work? (MH) Ferdinand feels as if he is working for Miranda and it makes him happy.
Why does MIranda say Ferdinand can stop working? (MH) Miranda says Prospero is hard at study.
Why does Ferdinand enjoy being a servant? (DLW) Because he’s in love with Miranda and as long as he’s around her he’s happy
Why does Miranda feel it is safe for Ferdinand to rest a while from stacking the logs? (JMc) She says Prospero is busy studying and will not notice if Ferdinand takes a good chunk of time to rest
Why does MIranda say that she has disobeyed her father by telling Ferdinand her name? Her father told her to not tell Ferdinand her name