The Tempest Act 1 scene 2 Caliban part

start and hither come in it. go hence with diligence Awake dear heart awake Thou hast slept well Awake
… heaviness in me shake it off come on well visit Caliban my slave who never yields us kind answer
… i do not love to look on But as tis we cannot miss him he does make our fire fetch in our wood and serves in offices that profit us what ho slave Caliban thou earth thou speak
theres wood enough within come forth i say. Theres other buissiness for thee come thou tortoise when? fine apparition my quaint ariel hark in thine ear
my lord it shall be done thou poisonous slave for by the devil himself upon thy wicked dam come forth
… and blister you all oer for this be sure tonight thou shalt have cramps side stitches that shall pen thy breath up urchins shall forth at vast of night that they may work all exercise on thee. Thou shalt be pinched as think as honeycomb each pinch more stinging than bees than made em
… the rest o the islad Thou most lying slave whom stripes may move, not kindness I have used thee filth as thou art with humane care and lodged thee in mine own cell till thou didst seek to violate the honor of my child
… for learning me your language Hagseed hence fetch us in fuel and be quick thou art best to answer other business. Shruggst thou malice if thou neglectst or dost unwillingly what I command Ill rack thee with old cramps fill all thy bones with aches make thee roar that beasts shall tremble at thy din.
…and make a vassal of him so slave hence