the tempest act 1-2

Who is Miranda Prosperos daughter
Who is Antonio Prosperos brother
Who is Prospero rightful duke of milan
who is alonso king of naples
who is ariel spirit – servant to prospero
who is sebastian the kings brother
who is ferdinand prince of naples
who is gonzalo kings councilor
who is caliban properos deformed salve
who is stephano a drunken butler
who is sycorax calibans mother
who is claribel daughter od alonso
who is boatswain caretaker of the boat
shakespeare lived in London as an actor, playwrite and poet
the tempest was writen between 1610-1611
the globe theatre was located in London
the tepest is thought to be shakespeares last play
what is a monologue a long speech by one actor in a play or movie or as part of a theatrical or broadcast program
what is interior momologue a piece of writing expressing a character inner thoughts
what is aside a characters dialogue is spoken but not heard by thr other actors on stage
what is tragic flaw a fatal flaw lwading to the downfall of a tragic hero or heroine
what is comic relief inclusions of a humprous charcter, scene or witty dialogue in an other wise serious work to relieve tension
what is comedy amusing and satrical in its tone mostly having cheerful ending
what is tragedy a form of drama in which there is a display of human suffering and often catharsis for the audience
what is dialogue two or more characters to be engaged in the conversation with each other
what is chorus give you key information about stuff happening off stage
what is foil in order to highlight particular qualities of the other character.
what is tragic hero make a judgement error taht inevitably leads to his or her own destruction
what is theatrical elements suggestive of the theater or of acting artificial, pompous spectacualr or extravagantly histrionic.
what is a soliloquy often used in drama to reveal the innermost thoughts of a character
what is a dramatis personae referring to the list of dramatic characters in a play
what is verbal irony says or writes one thing and means another or uses words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of the literal meaning
what is dramatic irony expressed through a works structure an audience awarness of the situation in which a works characters exist differs substantially. words and actions of charcters take a different meaning
situational irony a different meaning appears between expectations of something to happen
what is audience a group of spectators at a public event listeners or viewers collectively as in attendenance at a theater or concert.
what is a tempest storm
how does the opening play start out whats going on prospero caused a storm sinking the shop and the king of naples were forced to the island prospero was
what is the boatswains jobs on the ship to maintain the ship
who caused the storm prospero
who helped prospero and miranda escape milan prosperos brother antonio
how long have miranda and prospero been on the island 12 years
how old was miranda when they landed on the island 3 years old
who is the rightful duke of milan prospero
who took away prosperos dukedom why does this person take this away from prospero antonio, he took it away because prospero was focused on studying rather than his roles of being a duke
how are prospero and antonio related brothers
describe Caliban how does Prospero treat him what does he treat Caliban this way Caliban is Sycoraxs son he is also Prosperos slave. Prospero used to treat him nicely but Caliban tried to rape Miranda causing to treat Caliban with disrespect
Who does Sebastian blame for everyones troubles Sebastian
what does Sebastian and Antonio want and how do they try to get what they want they want to kill alanso so they can overtake his role of being king
how are antonia and sebastians plans ruined gonzalo awakes and says “perserve the king” ruining Antonio and Sebastians plans
how does miranda feel towards ferdinand he starts to fall in love with ferdinand
why does prospero test ferdinand prospero claims that ferdinand is a spy
who did ariel serve before prospero sycorax
how does gonzalo describe his perfect kingdom he says the island is a good place and they are lucky to be alive
what are alonsos regrets with his children (ferdinand and claribel) he blames his decision to marry his daughter to the prince of tunis on the apperant death of ferdinand
what does caliban offer to do for stephano who else does caliban do this for caliban says he will show stephano and trinculo around the island.