The tempest

alonso wants very much to listen to gonzalos optimistic comments regarding effects of the tempest false
sebastian and antonio are sarcastic towards gonzalo true
gonzalo makes what observation regarding their clothes that they are as new
the ship was returning to naples from where tunis
alonso believes he has lost both his son and his daughter true
according to sebastians witness, everyone was in favor of claribels marriage to an african false
what kind of behavior will the people engage in in gonzalos imagined island state a relaxed life
caliban thinks the appraoching trinculo is a what spirit of prosperos
at first trinculo thinks the prostrate caliban is a what fish
how many legs does the monster stephano encounters have four
what will the “backward voice” utter, according to stephanos surmise foul speeches
why does caliban swear allegiance to him? what does he have? a bottle of wine
ariel suggests that prosero should respond to their plight with what emotion sympathy
prospero refuses ariels suggestion absolutely false
what does prospero then to his magic he surrenders it
upon whom does prospero heap praise in his incantation gonzalo
prospero characterizes his brother antonios ambition as what unnatural
what does prospero do to alonso to prove he is alive embraces him
what does perspero do regarding antonios fauts he forgives them
in his conversation with alonso what does prospero claim regarding his daughter miranda he has lost her
after prospero wins back his dukedom and forgives the usurpers, he find ferdinand and miranda playing what chess
alonso asks ferdinand who miranda is, suggesting in his question that she is a what goddess
the ship is destroyed it must be rebuilt false
there are at least two mentions of how much time passing since the beginning of the play three hours
the boatswain is not sure whether he is awake or not true
what does prospero acknowledge about sycorax that she had six heads
after realizing the error of his ways in following stephano, caliban insists that henceforth he will seek for grace true
at the end of the play, perpsero sets whom free ariel
at the beginning of the scene as ferdinand attends to the chores assigned to him by prospero he comments that his suffering is eased by his relationship to whom miranda
miranda offeres to do ferdinands chores true
who is watching the two lovers prospero
the two exchange promises of what love
at the end of the scene the two lovers are essentially what engaged
while professing allegiance to stephano, caliban insists that he will not serve trinculo because he is not what valiant
ariel intrudes on the converstaion using especially whose voice trinculos
caliban asks stephano for help unseating whom prospero
during what time might the usurpation best occur breakfast time
caliban recommends that after the deed is done, stephano should bed whom miranda

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