The Tempest

comedy Reverses or downplays most of the elements of tragedy-instead of ending with death or downfall of protagonist, ends with marriage that unites two likable characters
soliloquies or asides characters reveal their thoughts to the audience, while alone on stage, or tell the audience something the other character supposedly don’t hear.
Sources of the Tempest -has no identifiable source-uses Montaigne’s essay “of cannibals” for Gonzalo’s speech about the ideal common wealth-influence of Italian commedia dell’arte
commedia improvisational comedy-actors had scenarios, no dialogue
Prospero Duke of Milan (former), magical sorcerer, dethroned by his own brother, forced to flee Milan, stranded on island for 12 years.
Gonzalo friend of Prosperoold honest Lordhelps Prospero as he’s fleeing Milan by giving him his books and food.
Ariel -Prospero’s supernatural helper-stuck in a tree by a witch named Syccrax-freed by Prospero-indebted to Prospero-can change shape
Caliban -servant to Prospero-son of the witch, Syccrax-tries to rape Miranda-hates Prospero
Miranda -daughter of Prospero-sweet and innocent-been on island since she was little-has never seen another man other than her father
Antonio -brother of Prospero-greedy power hungry-dethrone his brother
Alonso -friend of Antonio-King of Naples-helped Antonio dethrone Prospero
Ferdinand -son of Alonso-heir to the Naples thrown-“we love him”
Sebastian -friend of Antonio-brother of Alonso-greedy, arrogant, and power hungry
Trinculo a jesterprovides “comic relief”
Stephano a butlerprovides “comic relief”
Which two nobles behave the least admirably during Scene 1? Antonio and Sebastian. They are more worried about themselves than the rest of the people dying.
Who or what caused and controlled the shipwreck? Prospero sent Ariel who changed shape into a storm
what is the only thing Caliban has gained from learning Prospero and Miranda’s language he knows how to curse
How many men has Miranda seen before Ferdinand? 2, Prospero and Caliban
Why does Prospero out obstacles in the lovers path? Ferdinand has to work for Miranda’s love
How does Gonzalo try to comfort Alonso in the beginning of Act 2? he tries to comfort him by telling him how they should be happy they didn’t die.
What does Gonzalo notice when got on the island? that their garments were unharmed by the sea and look even better than before
Where had the nobles been before the shipwreck? in Africa, at the wedding of Alonso’s daughter
Who does Sebastian blame for Ferdinand’s apparent death? Why? Alonso, because he had his daughter wed to an African instead of a European. If it had been a European they wouldn’t have had to travel and gotten in the shipwreck.
Who suggests the murder of Alonso? Antonio
What does Trinculo want to do with Caliban? wants to put him on parade in England
What does Stephano want to do with Caliban? he wants to bring him as a prize to Naples
What does Caliban think of Stephano? and what does he volunteer to do? -thinks Stephano is a god after he tries his liquor -swore to be his servant and volunteers to show him the island
What do Miranda and Ferdinand agree to in Act 3 scene 1? agree to marry each other
What are the similarities between Caliban’s and Stephano’s plot to kill Prospero and Antonio and Sebastian’s plot to kill Alonso? they both want to kill the person in their sleep
What is the first thing Caliban advises Stephano to do in order to murder Prospero? why? take Prospero’s spell booksis a fool without his spell books
Which of the three nobles is most affected by the harpy’s speech? Alonso
What amusement has Prospero arranged to celebrate the engagement? has spirits perform a masque
Why does Prospero end the masque? because it’s time for Caliban’s plot
“the globe” Shakespeare’s theater
Why does Prospero give his speech about life and death? he thinks his death is near
What does Prospero and Ariel set out as a distraction? Who is the least taken? a showy finery, Caliban
How has Prospero’s charm affected the nobles? makes them feel guilty
Why does Gonzalo weep? he feels bad for everyone around him
Why does Prospero release the nobles from his charm? because Ariel said he would feel compassion for them if he was human and Prospero is human and has more feeling than Ariel so he feels worst for them.
What is the main thing Prospero resolves to do in his soliloquy? Why? to get rid of his magicbecause he is overcome with guiltso he won’t do bad things
Has Caliban gained any wisdom by the end? yes. he realizes that he was foolish for worshipping Stephano (a drunk) as god. He says he will be more wise and seek grace.
What does Prospero give Ariel as Act 5 scene 1 ends? his freedom
In the epilogue who does Prospero ask to set him free, and how can they grant his request? the audience, by clapping