The Tempest

Which of the following is NOT an explanation for Ariel awakening Gonzalo? Prospero wants to kill Alonzo himself, to pay him back for past wrongs
What does Caliban offer to do for Stephano & Trinculo? serve them the same way he’s been serving Prospero
Which of the following is NOT one of Trinculo’s observations concerning Englishmen? Englishmen love fish, and will eat even the oldest smelliest fish
Why does Alonzo regret the marriage of his daughter Claribel to the King of Tunis? The voyage lead to the death of his son Ferdinand
Antonio & Sebastian respond with mockery to Gonzalo’s proposal of a utopian commonwealth on the island. Which of the following is NOT among their criticisms? the island is very isolated, and therefore difficult to reach by boat
What is meant by Antonio’s line “They’ll take suggestion as a cat laps milk” (Act 2, scene 1, line 286?) the courtiers will obey whoever takes over, because they have no scruples
What does Caliban do when Stephano gets him drunk? He kneels before them as Gods
What benefit will Sebastian give to Antonio if Antonio kills Alonzo for him? Sebastian will end the payments of tribute which Milan currently pays to Naples
Which of the following meanings is NOT meant by the following exchange? Sebastian: “I am standing water.” Antonio: “I’ll teach you how to flow” they are standing near a stagnant pool; Antonio knows where to find fresh water.
What purpose is served when Ariel puts all the Italians to sleep except Antonio & Sebastian? it allows them to plot a conspiracy to overthrow Alonzo
What does Prospero say he prizes most highly? his books
Who is the rightful Duke of Milan? Prospero
What has Ariel done for Prospero? all of the above
Why does Caliban take orders from Prospero? he’s afraid of Prospero’s magic powers, which Prospero uses to pinch him
How would you describe Ariel’s attitude towards his relationship with Prospero? impatient that he must serve as Prospero’s slave in return for his rescue
Which of the following is NOT a reason why Miranda is attracted to Ferdinand? he woos her with his skill with words, revealing a clever mind (like Odysseus!)
Why does Prospero speak so harshly to Ferdinand? he’s concerned that if it’s too easy for him to marry her, he won’t value her as much
When Prospero & Miranda first came to the island, they enjoyed good relations with the native Caliban. Which of the following was NOT part of that good relationship? Prospero offered Caliban his daughter’s hand in marriage
How did Prospero lose his political power? his brother staged a coup d’etat and took over.
In scene 1, what does the Boatswain mean when he asks “What cares these roarers for the name of king?” The roaring wind and waves have no respect for royal authority
According to Caliban, what must Stephano do first to overpower Prospero? seize and burn his books
What does Ariel reveal to the Italians? that they are being punished for their ill-treatment of Prospero
How does the topic of marriage come up in the conversation between Ferdinand & Miranda? Miranda just offers herself up for marriage
At the opening of Act IV, Prospero tells Ferdinand many things. Which of the following is NOT among them? that his father Alonso is alive and well
How does Ariel stir up trouble among the low conspirators? he mimics Trinculo’s voice, accusing the others of lying
What prompts Caliban to utter his poetic description of the Island? Ariel playing a tune on pipe and drum
Why is Ferdinand carrying wood at the opening of scene 1? Prospero is making him work to test him, to see how much he wants Miranda
What does Caliban want to do with Miranda after they take over the island? give her to Stephano to be his queen
What does Gonzalo think of the manners & appearance of the “strange shapes” who bring in the banquet? he finds their shape monstrous, but their manners gentler than those of any human
Why does Miranda immediately feel remorse after she tells Ferdinand her name? Her father told her not to
How does Prospero manipulate the revelation (to Alonso) that Ferdinand is alive? he first compares Alonso’s loss of Ferdinand with the “loss” of his daughter Miranda
In the Renaissance debate between nature & nurture, what side does Prospero seem to take, especially with regards to his two “children,” Caliban and Miranda? nature — people are born either good or bad
Which of the following is NOT among the things Prospero promises to do while he draws the “magic circle”? tear his magic cloak in two
What does Prospero do with his knowledge that Antonio & Sebastian plotted against Alonso? he tells the conspirators that he will keep their secret … for now
When the “men of sin” are imprisoned in the grove, who is most moved by their plight? Gonzalo
How is the relationship between Prospero and Caliban resolved? Prospero acknowledges him as his own (ie, Prospero assumes responsibility for Caliban)
Which of the following is NOT among the things Prospero does to the Italians when they are inside the “magic circle”? sets his dogs upon them
When Prospero reveals Ferdinand & Miranda to the others, what are they doing? playing chess
When Prospero says “We are such stuff as dreams are made on,” he is comparing life with … theater
Before the magic dogs set upon them, the low conspirators are distracted by … fine clothing hanging on a lime tree