The Tempest

Alonso is the king of what Italian realm? Naples
Prospero’s kingdom was: Taken by his brother Antonio
How did Prospero and his daughter survive the journey to the island? Gonzalo’s help
Prospero most often describes Gonzalo as: honest
What is the name of Caliban’s mother? Sycorax
Why does Caliban remain Prospero’s slave? He is terrified of Prospero’s powers
Prospero made Caliban a servant primarily because Caliban: tried to rape his daughter
what is the name of Prospero’s daughter? Miranda
In Act 1, Prospero’s daughter is upset with her father because: mariners might have been killed in the storm
Prospero’s daughter, at the end of the act, falls in love with: Ferdinand
Why is Alonso sad at the beginning of Act 2? He thinks his son is dead and his daughter has been married off
Where was the King’s ship coming back from before the storm hit? His daughter’s wedding
Who is Sebastian? Alonso’s brother
Ariel makes everyone fall asleep in Act 2, Scene 1 except for: Sebastian and Antonio
The people that stay awake plan of killing___ while they’re asleep: Alonso and Gonzalo
Caliban sees Trinculo and Stephano and at first think they’re spirits sent to: Punish him for not working hard enough
How does Stephano survive the shipwreck? he floats ashore on a barrel of wine
caliban eventually thinks Stephano is: a God who brings good liquor from heaven
when Stephano and Trinculo say “Kiss the Bible” what do they actually mean? Take a drink
After they get him drunk, Caliban swears to: Kill Prospero
Prospero makes Ferdinand his servant because: he wants Ferdinand to prove his love for Miranda
Does Prospero approves of Miranda and Ferdinand’s relationship by the end of the first scene of Act 3? Yes
Stephano and Trinculo get Caliban drunk and Caliban promises his services to: Stephano, as long as Stephano will kill Prospero
In Scene 3, Alonso, Antonio, Gonzalo, Sebastian, Fransico, and Adrian have a vision of: A banquet
Ariel appears to the travelers during their vision and tells them: They will be punished for the wrong things they have done
Ariel asks Prospero if he loves him/her/it. Does Prospero love Ariel? Yes
Ceries, Iris, and what other goddess appear to bless Miranda and Ferdinand’s relationship? Juno
Caliban’s main goal throughout Act 4 is to: Kill Prospero
What animal does Ariel send out to chase out Stephano, Trinculo, and Caliban? Hounds