the tempest

Prospero rightful duke of milan, Gonzalo helped him, Caliban tried to rape his daughter
Miranda 15 year old daughter of Prospero, seen very few men, married Ferdinand, sweet spirited
Antonio Prospero’s brother, stole crown from Prospero, Prospero forgives him in the end (:
Sebastian younger brother to King Alonzo, in the end exhibits great remorse for cruel treatment towards Prospero
Ferdinand Son of the King Of Naples, married Miranda
Gonzalo honest old counselor and friend of Prospero, (gave him food, books, clothing upon arrival of island etc.)
Ariel Spirit that serves Prospero, first served Sycorax, can travel to any part of the island instantly, ability to be invisible
Adrain & Francisco Lords
Trinculo Jester
Stephano Drunken butler
Caliban Savage half-man who serves as a slave on Prospero’s Island, tried to rape miranda, Prospero eventually lets him go
THEME: Forgive & Forget though Prospero has been wronged he reconciles with his wrongdoers
EXPLAIN: “The rarer action is in virtue than in vengeance” -Prospero MEANS: harder to be virtuous than it is to show forgiveness (wanting revenge)
EXPLAIN: “I’ll break my staff, bury it certain fathoms in the earth, and deeper than did ever plummet sound I’ll drown my book.” -Prospero MEANS: Prospero is going to give up magic, he doesn’t want to control others anymore
EXPLAIN: “How many godly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world that has such people in’t! -Miranda MEANS: when she sees all the boys!
ACT 1: Why is it significant that the play begins with a storm at sea? It is the whole reason/ point of the tempest.
ACT 1: why does Miranda have such immediate empathy for the men in the ship? Since we learn that she has lived on a deserted island with her father since childhood, where would she get these ideas of pity and mercy? She just has that personality/doesn’t like to see people get upset o hurt without reason.
ACT 1: Why is she so merciful towards the shipwreck victims but only has hatred towards Caliban? Caliban tried to rape her.
ACT 1: What does it mean that Prospero has to take off his robe, his “magic garment,” before he can tell miranda her pst history? Wanted to just BE a Father, didn’t want her to get influenced by all of the magic.
ACT 1: what crimes does Antonio commit? what motivates him? Does he take responsibility for his actions? Usurp, took away his kingdom.
ACT 1: In Prospero”s questioning of Ariel we learn that the storm is part of Prospero’s design, does he want to punish those on the ship or no? He wants to punish then because they backstabbed him by stealing his throne. In the end wanted to lead them to repentance.
ACT 1: what connection does Shakespeare establish between outward appearance and inner spirit? Do you think this is true? Ugly people, Ugly insides.Pretty people, Pretty insidesEXCEPTION: Prospero
ACT 1: What is your reaction to Prospero’s treatment of Caliban? Does Caliban deserve this? I think that it is fair that he treats him like a slave because he attempted to rape miranda.
ACT 1: Prospero is happy when Miranda and Ferdinand fall in love at first sight. Why? It is part of his plan to retain the throne.
ACT 2: WHat type of man is Gonzalo? Sweet, Caring willing to help all
ACT 2: What is Gonzalo’s type of government? no rulers, no working
ACT 2: Caliban willingly worships Stephano and desires to give him control of the island when he resents Prospero for usurping what he considers his rightful claim to the island? What does this show about Caliban? He isn’t loyal, he is drunk, doesn’t like him
ACT 3: How does the apparition of the banquet affect Alonso and his retinue? How is this used As a symbol? Is this an effective moment for Ariel to accuse them of their sins? The appearation of the banquet makes Antonio and his party look very helpless. In this scene, Prospero is using Ariel to mess with the minds of those who betrayed him. Ariel was very really smart to accuse them of their sins at this moment.
ACT 4: How are Trinculo and Stefano distracted from their plot? Ariel shows up, realizes what is about to take place and stop it from happening.
ACT 4: Are Alonso, Antonio, and the other conspirators truly sorry for their plot against Prospero? Has their ordeal on the island changed them? They love each other an want to be friends. yes it has.

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