The scarlet letter short answer study guide chapters 1-4

Hester Prynne: adulteress, has the letter ‘a’ on her clothing.Pearl: Daughter of Hester and ???Rev. Mr. Dimmesdale: young clergyman from a English UniversityRoger Chillingworth: practitioner who is determined to find out the man who paired with Hester and gave Hester the Scarlet Letter. Identify Hester Prynne, Pearl, Rev. Mr. Dimmesdale and Roger Chillingworth
Hester wears a scarlet ‘A’ because she was caught in the sin of adultery. What emblem did Hester have to wear? Why was she sentenced to wear it?
She refused to tell the officials and Mr. Dimmesdale who her ‘partner-in-crime’ was. What info did Hester refuse to tell the officials and Mr. Dimmesdale?
Hester knows Roger Chillingworth because they were married. What was the relationship between Hester and Roger Chillingworth?
Hester promises not to tell anyone who Roger Chillingworth is. (She won’t share his real name) What did Hester promise to Roger Chillingworth?
1850 When did Nathaniel Hawthorne write the Scarlet Letter
1642-1649 Boston what is the setting
symbolizes conscience of Hester and Dimmsdale pearl
Symbolizes sin of passion/ Symbolizes openly confessed sin Hester
adultery-angel-able Scarlet letter A
symbol of puritan authority beadle
symbolizes revenge/sin of intellect chillingworth
symbolizes secret hidden sin Dimmsdale
An object that represents something other than itself/ usually something abstract symbol

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