“The Scarlet Letter” Chapters 1 & 2 Reading Guide Questions

What does Hawthorne mean when he calls the colony a “utopia”? What they were hoping for
What structures are required? Why? A prison and cemetery. Because the Puritans recognize it is human nature to have crime and death.
Why does he point out the rose bush? It is the hope to offset the bad in a dark place.
Who is Ann Hutchinson? Immigrated to Boston in 1634. Influential religious leader with unorthodox beliefs. Arrested because she was seen as a threat to the civil then banished and killed by Indians
What two necessities, according to the author, must the founders of a new colony provide immediately to the community? Land for a prison and cemetery
What is the occupation of the narrator? Custom Officers
What is situated immediately outside the door of the prison in which Hester is kept? A rose bush
What does the narrator offer the reader at the end of chapter 1? A flower to serve as a symbol of a sweet moral lesson
Hawthorne introduces contrasting symbols early in Chapter 1 that will be used throughout the novel. These key symbols are… Prison door, rose bush, scaffold
How long does Hester have to stand on the scaffold in public shame? 3 hours, until 1
What is Hester skilled at? Sewing
What did the letter A stand for? Adultery
How long must she wear the scarlet letter? Rest of her life
Hester sees a disfigured man in the crowd at the end of Chapter 2. Who can we assume the man is? Husband or baby daddy??

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