The Scarlet Letter- Chapter 7

What is the title of Chapter 7? The Governor’s Hall
The opening lines give us some information, what is that information? Hester is on her way to Governor Bellingham’s Mansion. She is bringing a pair of gloves to him that she has embroidered herself.
What is another major reason that Hester is going over to the Governor’s mansion? Hester has heard rumors and news that the fathers are planning to take Pearl from her
Did Pearl travel with Hester to the Governor’s mansion? Yes
How old is Pearl? Old enough to run and walk
In this Chapter, what do the children plan to do? Throw mud at Pearl and Hester because she wears the Scarlet Letter
What is the description of the Governor’s house? It is a large wooden house (kind of old)
Who answered the door at the mansion? One of Bellingham’s bond-servants
What is heavily described in the middle of the chapter? The main hall (with portraits, relics, and armor)
What is Hester reminded of when she looks into the Armor and sees her reflection? The Scarlet Letter on her chest
Who was the first settler on the peninsula (there are flowers around his grave in the garden of the mansion)? Reverend Mr. Blackstone
We end this Chapter with what? Hester tries to quiet Pearl, but Pearl screams and then goes quiet as new people approach the house (one being the Governor)

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