The Scarlet Letter Chapter 5-8

Why is life more difficult outside of the prison for Hester? The children in the village look at her as the embodiment of sin (they torment her with shrill cries), she has no friends because they would be classified as sinners, and the pastors use her as the object of their sermons
Does Hester have to stay in the village? Why does she? No she can leave as she wishes, but she stays because she still loves the father of her child
Describe the dwelling place of Hester It is a little run-down cottage in the forest over looking the shore, just on the outskirts of town
What does Hester do to make money? And for whom does she sew for? She sews clothes and gloves for state men, the governor, funeral gowns, and women of high status
What will she not sew? The veil of a bride
Describe Pearl’s clothing Very beautiful
Did she deny the joy of needlework? (T or F) Why? True, she thought of it as as act of sinfulness
Who does she give her extra money to?? Charity
How do the women in the village treat Hester? with disdain
What does Hester’s sixth sense, see in others? The hidden sin of other’s hearts
What is the lesser theme in these chapters about hidden sin? You experience a loss of faith from sin, or a loss of faith in humanity because you see others are sinners also
Why did she name her daughter Pearl? She was purchased with all that she had, her reputation was forfeited.
Describe Pearl’s appearance and character Pearl is so beautiful and graceful she is worthy to have been in Eden. She is almost fairy or sprite like, and has hair like her mothers. But she is a possessed wild child, defiant, capricious
What does the village think of Pearl? What does Pearl do to the children who taunt her mother? The villagers think that Pearl is evil and an outcast. Pearl throws rocks and yells at them
What does Pearl do for fun at home? What does she never play with? She creates imaginary games with pinecones (puritan parents) and the grass that are the children, she has little wars with them. She never makes up friends
What was Pearl first aware of? the letter
What does Pearl see when she walks into the governor’s house? His shield of armor and the reflection of Hester’s letter
Hester feels like what is taking over her being? The letter is overshadowing her being
Who are the 3 men with governor Bellingham? John Wilson, Roger Chillingworth, Reverend Dimmesdale
How many years have past between the chapters read so far? 3
How has Roger Chillingworth changed from the time Hester last saw him? He is darker, duskier, uglier, and more mishapen
How has Arthur Dimmesdale changed? He is more careworn
Why does Hester want to speak to the governor about? She wants to plead to him for him to let her keep Pearl, because they were going to take her away and teach her the Puritan way of life
What argument does Hester make for keeping Pearl? That the letter is teaching her everyday and she can teach Pearl the exact same way.
What do they quiz Pearl on? Her knowledge of her Catechism, if she knows her creator
What does Pearl say when they ask her the question? She says she was plucked off of the rosebush by the prison door
After Hester looses it (at the governor’s house), who does she turn to for help? Reverend Dimmesdale, who says there is truth in what she is saying
Do they allow Hester to keep Pearl? Yes for the time being
Reverend Dimmesdale goes into the shadows of the curtain after his speech defending Hester and what does Pearl do? What does Rev. Dimmesdale do? Pearl holds his hand and touches her cheek and Rev. Dimmesdale kisses her forehead
Who calls out at the end of the chapter to Hester? Why? What does Hester say to this? Mistress Hibbins, she wants to know if Hester wants to sell her soul to the devil. Hester says no, that she has Pearl

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