The Scarlet Letter- Chapter 3

What is the title of Chapter Three? The Recognition
Who does Hester spot in the crowd with slightly deformed shoulders such as her own? Her husband
Why was her Husband in America? He had been sent here against his will, but he also did not fulfill his promise to follow his wife (Hester)
What does Hester’s husband do when she spots him in the crowd? He signals her, with his fingers, that she should not reveal his identity
Who is Hester Prynne’s husband (Hint: As we learn in later chapters, his name is not mentioned here yet. Another Hint: This is his Identity Name, or what he is currently going by. We are unsure of his actual name currently)? Roger Chillingworth
As of right now, we were under assumption that Hester is to killed at the guillotine. What do we learn about her sentence in this chapter (Hint: This comes from the conversation between the stranger and Hester’s husband)? The Baby’s father is unknown and Hester refuses to reveal the identity of the father. As punishment she is sentenced to 3 hours on the scaffold for public humiliation and then she must wear the Scarlet Letter “A” on her Bosom for the rest of her life
In this chapter, we are introduced to the Fathers who sit among the people. Who are the Fathers? Governor Bellingham, Reverend Williams, Reverend Wilson, and Reverend Dimmesdale (who has been mentioned in Chapter Two)
What is some information we gather about Reverend Dimmesdale? He is a young minister who is renowned for his eloquence, religious fervor, and theological expertise, and he is delegated to demand that Hester reveal the name of her child’s father. He tells her that she should not protect the man’s identity out of pity or tenderness, but when she staunchly refuses he does not press her further.
What do we learn about Reverend Williams? He delivers a sermon on sin, frequently referring to Hester’s Scarlet Letter
What do we learn about the infant that Hester is holding? The child’s name is Pearl
What happens at the conclusion of Reverend Williams’ Sermon? Hester is lead back to the Prison
When Hester is told by the Fathers to give the name of her fellow sinner (who is Pearl’s father), what does Hester say? “Never” and then “I will not speak”

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