The Odyssey ( you can do this :) )

what is your first impression of odysseus? which of his qualities and values seem most admirable to you? he shows his immediate confidence and his high expectations of how others see him. His willingness to be detained by Calypso but never give her consent strikes me as a strong quality.
Describe the events on Ismarus? Odysseus kills the men who fought, enslaved the women to make division. He dismantled the town and he lost many men on the ships from the cicones army.
what were odysseus’ feelings when he was held captive by calypso and circe? He wanted to go home and feels like it is not possible to surpass his own home and his parents.
why were odysseus and his men defeated by the cicones? He lost so many men and that made attacking ismarus a bad idea. odysseus commanded his man to return to their ships and flee. they disobeyed resulting in casualties.
what impression do you have of the differences between the world of the odyssey and our own world? In similarity odyssey is struggling with problems real people today face. It is different because today we do not not have angry gods to fear, or mythological creatures.
what keeps odysseus from reaching home? a current blew him out to sea when he was around malea.
what happens to the crew members who eat the Lotus? those dumb fuks did not care to report/return back to odysseus. they longed to stay forever with the rest of the lotus-eaters of the land.
the third dawn after the storm is described as coming “with ringlets shining”. what impression of daybreak does this image give you (as metaphor)? I picture small distorted rays of sunlight dispersing.
what does this episode suggest about the kinds of problems odysseus has with his men? problems; trust and overload of commands exist between odysseus and his men.
Brief as it is, the episode of the lotus-eaters is one of the most famous parts of the odyssey. why do you think readers found it so interesting? Modern day tech distracts us from family and forget its value.
what do you think of odysseus’ plan for escaping from Polyphemus? how else could he have escaped? it was smart because it gave him an advantage. stabbing his eye was better than killing him because Polyphemus could move the boulder. he followed up with hiding behind polyphemus’ sheep which made it possible for him to escape. he could’ve escaped by killing him completely.
describe Polyphemus and his home, using at least three details from the text. he was a huge man that looked like a shaggy man in solitude. he lived in a cave alone. he spent time butchering his livestock. he was given wine by odysseus, drank it right away, and slept with no assumption of harm. he seems to not things through.
why does odysseus not kill Polyphemus when he first gets an opportunity to do so? he notices there’s a boulder in front of the cave entrance that no one will be able to move besides the cyclops. if he killed him they’d be trapped.
what does odysseus do to blind polythemus and ultimately escape? odysseus offers Polyphemus wine. When he is drunk, takes advantage and stabs his eye. cyclops is told polyphemus’ name is nobody, so when he screams nobody is hurting him, everyone things he is fine.
what survival qualities does odysseus exhibit in his conflict with Polyphemus? being wise and sharp-witted. an example is when he quickly thought of a plan to stab polyphemus’ eye instead of just kill him.
do Tiresias’ predictions and advice seem reasonable to you? yes. when Tiresias realizes Poseidon is angry at odysseus for blinding his son, he knows this will cause odysseus and his men many problems. Tiresias points out that the Greeks can come home alive if they use proper judgement and control. they must also not harm the cattle of Helios, no matter the temptation. the prophet tells odysseus to pursue another quest.
what does the ghost of elpenor request? he was left unburied proper rights when the greeks return to Aeaea.
what does Tiresias foretell? odysseus will have a very long and hard journey home because Poseidon is mad that he blinded his son Polyphemus.
what directions and warning does he give? use proper judgement and control. most importantly, they much not harm the cattle of helios, no matter the temptation. he says he will arrive home to his house ruined and shipmates lost.
what character traits does odysseus display in episode that he did not reveal in his adventure with the cyclops? he displays sympathy & love towards his mother when he saw she was a ghost. earlier, he can off overly confident and proud of his accomplishments. rather then boasting of himself, he focused on his mother.

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