The Odyssey Vocabulary, with page numbers

Harried (1) pushed to your limits
Baleful (3) threatening, menancing
Beguiling (3) charming in a deceptive way
Ambrosial (4) elegant
Lusty (4) healthy and strong, sexually active
Din (5) A distracting background noise
Revel (7) rowdy and boisterous celebration where on indulges in earthly delights
Guile (10) cunning, deceptiveness
Promontory (99) elevated piece of land
Remiss (100) irresponsible, careless
Errant (100) wandering, stray
Limpid (101) crystal clear
Supplication (103) the state of begging for help and mercy
Toil (104) to work laboriously at a difficult task
Mete(s) (104) to distribute
Uncouth (106) ill-mannered, uncivilized
Boon (145) something to be thankful for; blessing, benefit
Profusion (149) abundance
Prodigious (150) abnormal, monstrously massive
Ponderous (154) of great weight, heavy

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