The Odyssey Vocabulary

Abominably in a hateful way; horribly
Anguish great physical or mental suffering; agony
Chaos great disorder or confusion
Chide to scold mildly
Contender a fighter
Dire terrible
Disconsolate extremely sad
Dwindle to become gradually less; diminish
Enticing luring; tempting
Lurk to lie hidden, ready to ambush
Peril danger; risk
Questing journeying over; exploring
Regaled entertained or amused
Scourge a cause of great suffering or destruction
Snare trap
Stealth quiet, secret, or sneaky behavior
Succumb to be overpowered; surrender
Travail painful effort
Vile disgusting
Aloof distant; remote; standofish
Commandeer to take control of by force
Contemptible deserving of scorn or disdain; worthless
Desolation lonely grief; misery
Dithering acting in a nervous or uncertain way
Frenzy a wildly excited state of mind
Gall scornful boldness
Implacable impossible to soothe; unforgiving
Justification explanation or excuse for an action
Omen an event thought to foretell good or evil; sign
Plunder to rob of property by force; steal from
Restitution a making good for loss or damage; repayment
Revelry noisy merrymaking; festivity
Throng a large gathering; crowd
Wiliest most crafty or sly; trickiest
Adversary opponent; enemy
Appalled filled with dismay; horrified
Avenge to take revenge on behalf of
Disdain to refuse or reject scornfully
Entreat to ask earnestly; beg
Formidable inspiring admiration, awe or fear
Guile skillful slyness, craftiness
Indifferent having no interest or concern for
Ponderous havy in a clumsy way, bulky
Whim a sudden impulse or notion; fancy
Beguiling chaming, pleasing

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