The Odyssey Unit Test

What is an epic a long narrative poem that relates important events in the history or folklore of the culture that produced it
what is an epic hero a larger-than-life figure who embodies traits that the culture values
what is an epic simile a long comparison over many lines
what is an epithet a characterizing phrase for a person, place, or thing “Son of Laertes”
what causes Odysseus to leave Ithaca the trojan war
Odysseus is considered to be “formidable to guile.” What does this mean and how is it seen in part 1? this means he is unable to be defeated because of his craftiness. in part one he came up with a clever plan to escape the Cyclops’ cave
Odysseus is considered to be hubris. What does this mean and how is it seen in part 1? this means he has excessive pride and self confidence. this causes the gods to punish him by making his journey home long and hard
After Odysseus’s men eat the lotus plant they- forget their homeland
Odysseus offers the Cyclops wine in an effort to- make him sleepy so he can escape
why does Odysseus blind the Cyclops rater than kill him because he won’t be able to move the large stone in front of the door if he killed the cyclops
Odysseus saves the crew from the Siren’s song by- plugging their ears with beeswax
What prophecy of Tiresias and Circe does Odysseus not tell his men? Only Odysseus will survive and return home.
What characteristic of Odysseus’s crew causes the most trouble In the book they killed the cattle (disobedience)
Odysseus was away from home for (how long) 20 years
In part 2 of the Odyssey, who gives Odysseus his disguise and what disguise is he given Athena disguised him as a beggar
When Odysseus reveals himself to Telemachus what does Telemachus initially do thinks only a god could make such a transformation
When he finally greets his master, the old dog Argus- dies
Penelope asks her suitors to perform a difficult task. They have to- string Odysseus’s bow
After Odysseus kills the first suitor, the other suitors assume that it was a mistake
To stop Odysseus from killing all the suitors, Eurymacheus- blames it on Antinous and offer to repay Odysseus. this doesn’t work so he tells everyone to arm themselves
Odysseus proves his identity to Penelope by- telling her that their bed couldn’t be moved because it was attached to a tree
The name of the Cyclops who imprisons Odysseus Polyphemus
Whirlpool monster Charybdis
The sea god who hates Odysseus Poseidon
the ghost who predicts Odysseus’ future in Hades Tiresias
Another name for Hell or Hades Land of the Dead
Women who tempt men by singing Sirens
Odysseus’ son Telemachus
Homer’s other famous epic Iliad
Odysseus tells the Cyclops this is his name Nohbdy
A sea monster who kills six of Odysseus’ men Scylla
This is the name of Odysseus’ father Laertes
the name of the sun god Helios
Odysseus’ wife Penelope
Odysseus’ homeland Ithaca
Who is the author of the Odyssey and what is unique about him Homer, no one can prove his existence
what does it mean to begin in medias res and how does this apply to the Odyssey to start in the middle of an event, Homer began the Odyssey in medias res
what is the invocation of the Muse when Odysseus asks the gods for help
What is an epic and how does this apply to the Odyssey an epic is a long narrative poem that relates important events in the history or folklore of the culture that produced it. the Odyssey is written like a poem, but it tells a story, it also relates to the culture of the ancient greeks
What flaws does a hero of the Odyssey possess. Odysseus is very prideful and has too much self-confidence
In what ways does Odysseus fail or succeed as a true Greek hero? Support your answer with specific references to the story in a paragraph.

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