The Odyssey Review

Sirens sea nymphs who lured sailors to destruction with their songs
Lotus Eaters people who feed Odysseus’s men lotus plants to make them forget Ithaca
Polyphemus a Cyclops who is the son of Poseidon. At one point he imprisons Odysseus
Scylla female monster with six serpent heads, each head having a triple row of fangs.
Charybdis a ship-devouring whirlpool lying on the other side of a narrow strait from Scylla
Eurylochus One of Odysseus’ men; feared a snare and did not enter Circe’s hall; Questions Odysseus; leadership; later convinced the men to go against Odysseus’ orders and kill Lord Helios’ cattle
Moly was the herb that Hermes gave to Odysseus for protection against Circe’s potion
Hermes messenger of the gods
Athena goddess of wisdom and war, Odyssues’ protector
Zeus the king of the gods and the ruler of heaven, the most powerful god of all.
Poseidon god of the sea, earthquakes and storms at sea and father of the Cyclops; opposed Odysseus getting home
Circe The beautiful witch-goddess who transforms Odysseus’s crew into swine when he lands on her island. With Hermes’ help, Odysseus resists Circe’s powers and then becomes her lover, living in luxury at her side for a year.
Calypso (Greek mythology) the sea nymph who detained Odysseus for seven years
Penelope Odysseus’s faithful wife
Antinous The most arrogant of Penelope’s suitors. He leads the campaign to have Telemachus killed. Unlike the other suitors, he is never portrayed sympathetically, and he is the first to die when Odysseus returns.
Epic a long narrative poem which presents the adventures of characters of high position and episodes that are important to the history of a race or nation
Epic Simile a simile developed over several lines of verse
Helen of Troy the wife of the king of Sparta who left him and started the Trojan War
Helios Sun god, Odysseus’ crew ate his cattle and were all punished with death.
Epithet a term used to characterize a person or thing
Boastful/Arrogant; Overly curious; Short-tempered Character flaws in Odysseus
master mariner and soldier, old contender, Son of Laertes,wiliest fighter of the isles Epithets used to describe Odysseus
The Underworld / hades Where Odyseus must go after Circe’s island before he can get home.

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