The Odyssey review

Homer Who created the Odyssey?
Troy Where did Odysseus go to fight the war?
Odysseus Who is the king of Ithaca?
Circe Who was the enchantress who turned Odysseus’ men into swine, but also helped him on his journey?
Zeus King of the gods
Poseidon god of sea and earthquakes
Athena goddess of wisdom, skills, and warfare, who help Odysseus
Polyphemus The Cyclops who imprisoned Odysseus and his men
Laertes Odysseus’ father
Telemachus Son of Odysseus and Penelope
Sirens Creatures whose songs lure sailors to their deaths
Scylla Sea monster who whisks sailors from their ships
Charybdis Enormous and dangerous whirlpool
Antinous Leader among the suitors
Penelope Odysseus’ wife
Lotus Eaters Creatures who offer the sweet Lotus to travelers which makes the travelers desire to do nothing and stay forever
Poseidon Who is Polyphemus’ father?
The Cyclops is the only one strong enough to move the stone slab that is the barrier to exit the cave Why does Odysseus not kill Polyphemus where he lays?
Nohbdy What fake name does Odysseus give Polyphemus?
Polyphemus promises to eat Nohbdy after all his friends have perished What does Polyphemus promise Odysseus (Nohbdy) as a reward for the sweet liquor?
A pike of Olive branch that has been heated What does Odysseus shove into Polyphemus’ eye?
hooks them to sheep How does Odysseus get his men out of the Cyclops’ cave?
Laestrygonians What creatures are a race of cannibals and destroy all of Odysseus’ ships except the one he is sailing on by throwing rocks?
He orders his men to plug their ears with wax and tie Odysseus up on the mast. What does Odysseus order his men to do before reaching the Sirens?
He orders them to NOT eat the cattle no matter how tempting it may be What does Odysseus order his men to do when they reach the cattle of Helios?
It is destroyed by Zeus to appease Helios and Odysseus drifts to where Calypso lives What happens to Odysseus’ ship after departure from the place where the cattle of the sun god dwell?
He orders Telemachus to stow the suitors’ weapons away in a vaulted storeroom. He also orders Telemachus to keep his presence on Ithaca a secret. What does Odysseus order Telemachus to do?
Argos Who was Odysseus dog?
The suitors knew that the gods often came down to Earth in human form and were usually disguised and they knew that there was a possibility that the beggar was one of the gods Why were the suitors mortified when Antinous threw a stool at the beggar (Odysseus)?
He disregards the suitors’ attempt for an apology and kills them all with the help of his servants and Telemachus. What does Odysseus do after the suitors offer restitution for what they did?
Odysseus has changed so much that Penelope cannot believe that the person before her is her husband. Why does Penelope test Odysseus with the marriage bed?
She makes him handsome and young. What does Athena do to Odysseus appearance after he arrives back on Ithaca?
Athena sides for Odysseus, and she represents his cleverness and sharp mind. Which god takes a side for Odysseus and what does this god represent?
7 Out of the 10 years Odysseus has been trying to get home after the Trojan War, for how many has he been Calypso’s prisoner?
Ithaca What is the name of Odysseus’s homeland?
The men tasted the Lotus offered to them by the Lotus Eaters. They couldn’t stop eating the flowers and didn’t want to go home. When Odysseus sent a few of his men to explore, what happened to them? What happens if they eat the Lotus? (“The Lotus Eaters”)
The Cyclops doesn’t care about Zeus and his rules; he won’t let the men go unless he feels like it. How does the Cyclops respond to Odysseus’s request to let them go? How does the Cyclops feel about Zeus? (“The Cyclops”)
Odysseus says that his name is “Nohbdy” so the Cyclops will yell “Nohbdy is hurting me!” when Odysseus hurts him. What lie does Odysseus tell the Cyclops about his name? Why? (“The Cyclops”)
The men stab the Cyclops’ eye with the hot stake, twisting on it and leaning on it to dig it in. What happens when the Cyclops falls asleep? (“The Cyclops”)
Polyphemus We finally learn the Cyclops’ name — what is it? (“The Cyclops”)
Odysseus is being childish and arrogant. Odysseus taunts the Cyclops once he and his men are back on their ship, escaping. What might these actions demonstrate about his character? (“The Cyclops”)
The Cyclops throws a hilltop at them. What does the blinded Cyclops do in response to the taunting? (“The Cyclops”)
Circe tells Odysseus that the Sirens’ song will lure him in and kill him. What warning does Circe give Odysseus about the Sirens? (“The Sirens”)
He tells them to plug their ears with wax and keep their heads down. How will Odysseus prevent his men from listening to the Sirens? (“The Sirens”)
They should tie him tightly to the ship’s mast and not untie him no matter what he says. What should the men do if Odysseus wants to listen to the Sirens? (“The Sirens”)
Scylla has 12 legs, 6 heads, and 3 rows of fangs; she is very horrific looking. What does the monster, Scylla, look like? (“Scylla & Charybdis”)
Charybdis is a whirlpool that is even too dangerous for Poseidon to deal with. She is supposedly a monster who lurks below the water, sucking water 3 times to create her whirlpool. How does Homer describe Charybdis? (“Scylla & Charybdis”)
Going between Scylla and Charybdis is like going between “a rock and a hard place”. Odysseus’ decision in this situation is a metaphor for difficult decisions in our everyday life. What does the narrow passage that Odysseus must take between Scylla and Charybdis represent? (“Scylla & Charybdis”)
6 men are grabbed by Scylla and die. Odysseus decides to sail closer to Scylla. What happens? (“Scylla & Charybdis”)
They insist on landing on Thrinacia, Helios’ island. They eat the immortal cattle that they were told not to, angering Helios and dooming themselves to death. Once they pass Scylla and Charybdis, where do Odysseus’ crew insist on landing? What do they do there?
Helios threatens to stop the sun from shining. To placate Helios, Zeus sends down a thunderbolt that sinks Odysseus’ ship and kills all his remaining crew. What does Helios threaten to do if payment is not made for the loss of his cattle? How does Zeus respond?
King Alcinous’ men row him home. After Odysseus finishes telling King Alcinous his story, he finally goes home to Ithaca. How does he get there?
Athena disguises him as an old, homeless man so he can surprise the suitors at his house. How and why does Athena disguise Odysseus?
He dies. What happens to Argos after he recognizes his old master, Odysseus?
Ithaca Odysseus’s home and kingdom
Trojan War This story is based on Odysseus’s return from the ________ .
Tricks Polyphemus with a false name and wine, then blinds him and escapes under the bellies of sheep. How does Odysseus win the battle with the Cyclops?
long narrative poem about a hero An epic is best described as a:
10 years How long was the Trojan War?
20 years How long was Odysseus gone TOTAL from home?
Nohbdy what name Polyphemus thinks Odysseus’ real name is
they think that “nobody” has hurt him, so he is fine what Polyphemus’ neighbors think when he screams at night
Odyssey long journey
Antinous leader among the suitors
Penelope Odysseus’ wife
Eumaeus old swineherd and friend of Odysseus
Charybdis enormous and dangerous whirlpool
Scylla a monster of grey rock with 6 heads
Telemachus Odysseus and Penelopes’ son
Laertes Odysseus’ father
Polyphemus the Cyclops who imprisoned Odysseus, man eating one eyed monster
Athena goddess of wisdom, warfare and the city
Poseidon god of sea, earthquakes, horses, and storms at sea
Zeus king of the gods
Circe enchantress who transformed the crew into swine
Calypso sea nymph who keeps Odysseus captive for 7 years because she loves him, Hermes tells her she must let him go
Odysseus king of Ithaca and hero of the epic
The whole journey Odysseus is trying to get to his home in Ithaca. What significant role does Ithaca play in Odysseus’ epic journey.
They expect to be treated like honored strangers. How do Odysseus and his companions expect to be treated by the Cyclops?
Anticlea Odysseus’ mother
Eurycleia Loyal servant to Penelope, helped raise Odysseus and Telemachus
Eurylochus Second in command on the voyage home from Troy; one who told Odysseus that their comrades were turned into swine by Circe; also provoked men to eat Helios’ cattle
Eurymachus Antinous’ sidekick basically
Menelaus King of Sparta, brother of Agamemnon, husband of Helen, offers to help Telemachus
mentor male disguise athena sometimes takes
Tiresias prophet Odysseus meets in Land of the Dead
Aeolus God of the windshelps Odysseus by bagging all winds except West wind
epic a long narrative poem about a hero’s journey
Helen Wife of Menelaus, Queen of Sparta, her abduction by Paris started the Trojan war
helios sun god
hermes messenger of the gods
homer wrote iliad and odyssey
Lotus eaters live on an island with lotuses that if you eat them you will forget your home
Paris takes helen, starts trojan war
Melanthius goat herd-evil and not loyal to Odysseus
Philoetius Cow herd-loyal to Odysseus
Eumaeus’ house Where do Odysseus and Telemachus go when Odysseus reaches Ithaca?
Athena Who tells Telemachus to go the the swineherd(Eumaeus) house
hubris confidence
Ithaca what is the known world?
Ismarus Where do the Cicones live?
Laestrygones Who cause Odysseus to lose all of his ships except his own(with only 45 men left)
2 How many times does Odysseus visit Circe?
circe’s Who’s island does Odysseus approach the inmost cave at?
Scylla and Charybdis What is the supreme ordeal?
humility What is the “prize” that Odysseus receives?
Alcinous Who does Odysseus tell his story to?
Antinous Who is the 1st suitor killed?
relentless What does implacable mean
He gave them weapons How did melantius help the suitors?
Telemachus Who wanted to kill Melanthius and the bad female servants in an un-honorable way?
His hubris came back Why did Athena get mad at Odysseus?
epithet Odysseus, sacker of cities
Phemius(minstrel), and Medon(herald) Who did Telemachus ask Odysseus to save?

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