The Odyssey Review

Aeolus God of the windshelps Odysseus by bagging all winds except West wind
Agamemnon King and leader of the Greek forces
Alcinous King of Phaeacians to whom Odysseus tells his story; Gives Odysseus boat to get home
Anticlea Odysseus’s mother;Drowns herself from grief; meets Odysseus in underworld
Antinous Leader of the suitors; killed in Great Hall by Odysseus’ arrow
Athena Daughter of Zeus; goddess of wisdom; helps both Telemachus and Odysseus; appears as Odysseus’s mentor
Calypso Sea goddess who imprisons Odysseus for 7 years; Hermes tells her she must let Odysseus go
Charybdis Monster in the form of a giant whirlpool
Circe The sorceress who turns Odysseus’s men into animals
Epic A long narrative poem about the adventures of a hero whose actions reflect the ideals and values of a nation or race
Eurycleia Loyal servant to Penelope, helped raise Odysseus and Telemachus
Eurylochus Second in command on the voyage home from Troy; one who told Odysseus that their comrades were turned into swine by Circe; also provoked men to eat Helios’ cattle
Eurymachus Shows influence over other suitors, forces Penelope to chose
Helen Wife of Menelaus, Queen of Sparta, her abduction by Paris started the Trojan war
Helios The sun god
Hermes Messenger of the gods
Homer Ancient Greek epic poet who is believed to have written the Iliad and the Odyssey (circa 850 BC)
Lotus-Eaters Legendary people who live on a plant who’s fruit induces stupor and forgetfulness of home
Menantho Servant who is having an affair with Eurymachous
Menelaus King of Sparta, brother of Agamemnon, husband of Helen, offers to help Telemachus
Mentor The male disguise that Athena sometimes takes
Odysseus Endures a long journey from Troy to Ithaca; King of Ithaca
Paris The son of Priam, takes Helen which begins the Trojan war; fatally wounds Achilles in the heel with an arrow
Penelope Wife of Odysseus, Mother of Telemachus
Polyphemus The cyclops who imprisons Odysseus
Poseidon God of the sea; tries to get revenge on Odysseus
Scylla Man eating, six-headed monster that lives in a cave across from Charybdis
Sirens Beautiful creatures whose songs lure sailors to their deaths
Telemachus Odysseus and Penelope’s son
Tiresias Theban prophet in the Underworld
Zeus Father of all gods and goddesses

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