The Odyssey Review

What goddess aids Odysseus? Athena
Who changes Odysseus into a beggar? Athena
Who keeps Odysseus a prisoner for 7 years? Calypso
Who does Homer call upon to help him tell the story? Muse
Who gives Odysseus directions to Hades? Circe
Beautiful Goddess that loves Odysseus Calypso
Which suitor does Odysseus kill first? Antinous
What did Odysseus put in his men’s ears to avoid the song of the Sirens? Beeswax
What sea creature, like a whirlpool, can consume an entire ship? Charybdis
How does the Cyclops close the cave door entrance? A large stone or rock
How many heads does Scylla have? 6
What type of creature is Polyphemus? Cyclops
Where does Odysseus see his mother? Hades (the land of the dead)
How many axes must the suitors shoot through? 12
Who must Odysseus confront in Hades? Tiresius
Who wrote The Odyssey? Homer
What war did Odysseus leave home to fight? The Trojan War
How many years total was Odysseus away from home? 20
How many men arrived home with Odysseus? Zero
To whom do the herds of cattle belong that the men are warned not to raid? Helios
How was The Odyssey originally told? Orally
What is the sweet flower called that makes eaters not want to return home? Lotus
What piece of furniture is used to test Odysseus’s true identity? Bed
Into what animal does Circe turn Odysseus’s men? Swine/pigs
What does Odysseus use to blind Polyphemus? Giant stake/spear
Who is Odysseus’s father? Laertes
Who is Odysseus’s son? Telemachus
Whose kidnapping starts the Trojan War? Helen
What do Odysseus and Telemachus remove from the great hall while the suitors are sleeping? All weapons
Who is the messenger who comes to make Calypso release Odysseus? Hermes

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