The Odyssey-Part Two

Who does Odysseus kill first? Second? (Death in the Great Hall) Antinous, then Eurymachus
Who is the third person killed, and who kills him? (Death in the Great Hall) Amphinomus, and Telemachus kills him with a spear.
What was Antinous doing when he was killed? (Death in the Great Hall) Drinking wine, which he drops once he is shot
What does Eurymachus say to bargain with Odysseus so that no one else has to die? (Death in the Great Hall) He says that Antinous was the leader and that no one else needs to die. He also says that they will resupply the wine and meat that they ate, and that every one of the suitors will pay him 20 oxen with gifts of bronze and gold.
What does Eurymachus say as his last effort to get the men to fight? (Death in the Great Hall) He says that Odysseus is unstoppable if he stays by the door, and with his bow and arrow he will kill all of them. So he tells them that they need to get him away from the door. If they are able to get to the door and open in, then they will chase him, and kill him.
Which god does Odysseus ask for help from? (Death in the Great Hall) Apollo
What did Homer relate Antinous’ blood running down his nose to (Homeric Simile)? (Death in the Great Hall) Like pipes his nostrils jetted crimson runnels, a river of mortal red.
Why didn’t the men fight right after Odysseus killed Antinous? (Death in the Great Hall) Because they didn’t have any swords or shields to fight with.
How did Eurymachus die? (Death in the Great Hall) He runs at Odysseus head on with his sword, and Odysseus sends an arrow through his chest.
Why didn’t Telemachus pull the spear out of Amphinomus? (Death in the Great Hall) Because if he did, one of the suitors could have come up from behind him and killed him.
What does Telemachus offer to do for his father? (Death in the Great Hall) He offers to get him spears, swords, and shields from the armory so that he can arm the swineherd (Eumaeus) and the cowherd.
How many helmets, shields, and spears did Telemachus get? (Death in the Great Hall) Four of each.
Describe Odysseus’ shield and helmet. (Death in the Great Hall) It was a four-ply shield, and a crested helmet, horse tailed.
Which god comes to help Odysseus fight? (Death in the Great Hall) Athena, she doesn’t fight at first, because she wants to see if Odysseus and Telemachus are strong. They prove themselves worthy, and Athena helps them to kill all the suitors.
How do the suitors know that Athena is on Odysseus’ side? (Death in the Great Hall) Athena puts her shield about the hall, and it is visible to all the suitors.
What are Odysseus and his men compared to? Explain. (Death in the Great Hall) They are compared to falcons, not showing any mercy to the flock of birds they pursue and capture.
When does Odysseus reveal himself? (Death in the Great Hall) After he kills Antinous.
Why does he kill Antinous first? (Death in the Great Hall) Because Antinous was the ring leader, and because all of them weren’t that intimidated, because he was only a beggar, but then he killed their ring leader, then told them that he was Odysseus which made the men very intimidated.
Why does Homer spend so long on describing Antinous before he dies, and while the arrow is being shot? (Death in the Great Hall) Because it is ironic, because Antinous was about to take a drink of wine, the wine that was Odysseus’ and in his own cup, and when Odysseus shoots him, it is like saying, no more can you drink or eat of my things, no more can you talk to my wife, you are done.
What was the punishment for the maids that slept with the suitors that Odysseus wanted, what punishment was chosen? (Death in the Great Hall) They had to clean up the bodies of the suitors, and they had to clean up all the blood. Once they were finished Odysseus wanted them to be stabbed (executed), but they chose to hang them instead.
Who was Eupeithes? (Peace in the Islands) Antinous’ dad.
What did Eupeithes say about Odysseus? (Peace in the Islands) He said that he came back from sailing with no men, and then he kills more men, which sounds sketchy. So he told some men to avenge Odysseus for killing there sons and brothers.
What did Athena tell Laertes? (Peace in the Islands) She told him to say a prayer to Zeus, and then send a spear through Eupeithes.
Where was Eupeithes hit? (Peace in the Islands) In the cheek, then the spear went through his head.
Why does Odysseus wipe away a tear? (Beggar at the Manor) He cries because he sees his dog that he raised as a puppy dying, and he wipes the tear away so that he doesn’t let anyone know that he is actually Odysseus and not a beggar.
Who is the first person that is told that Odysseus is the beggar? Who is informed afterwards? (Beggar at the Manor) Telemachus is first. Then Eumaeus (the Swineherd) and Philotheus (the cowherd).
Who wants revenge on Odysseus? Why? (Peace in the Islands) Eupeithes because because Odysseus has killed Antinous who was Eupeithes son, along with all of the other suitors that were killed.
Who stands up to defend Odysseus? (Peace in the Islands) His father, Laertes, Odysseus’ grandpa, Dolius, his son, Telemachus, the Swineherd, Eumaeus, the cowherd, Philotheus, and some other servants.
Why do the men throw down their weapons? (Peace in the Islands) Because Athena tells them to quit, because they have angered Zeus, and she doesn’t want them to die.
What is the resolution of the story? (Peace in the Islands) Zeus struck a lightning bolt down to stop Odysseus from killing anyone, which calms him down, then everyone “goes home.”
What simile is made about Odysseus’ longing once he hugs Penelope? Why is this appropriate? (The Trunk of the Olive Tree) He longs for her as a swimmer longs for the beach, and this is appropriate because Odysseus had been sailing for a very long time, and he had finally reached land to get to Penelope. It is also appropriate because he hasn’t seen her for so long.
What does this show about Penelope? (The Trunk of the Olive Tree) This shows that Penelope is clever, which makes Odysseus and Penelope a perfect couple.
How does Penelope now know that Odysseus is her true husband? (The Trunk of the Olive Tree) She knows, because Odysseus is mad about her telling her servant to move the bed, because he is the one that made the bed, he says that he made the bed around a tree, and that it could NOT be moved, and it made him mad that she had “forgotten.”
What is the test that Penelope has constructed for Odysseus? (The Trunk of the Olive Tree) She told her slave to move his bed, and she knew that the bed couldn’t be moved, so she is going to see how he reacts, and if he reacts in the right way, she will know.
How does Athena help out Odysseus now? (The Trunk of the Olive Tree) She bathes him, and makes him taller and bigger. She rubs on golden oil, and she does his hair.
In light of the massacre of the suitors, would you consider Odysseus to be (or still be) a hero?Do you think he went too far? Support your argument with examples and logic. (Death in the Great Hall) Yes, because they all deserved it, and they were going to kill his son, so Odysseus was saving his son, and if the men came back they could have taken advantage of Penelope, so he was also saving her. I do not think he went too far, because if he didn’t kill them, then it would have been a risk to all of his family, and all of Ithaca.
Whose sign appears in the hall? Describe it. What does it mean for the men? (Death in the Great Hall) Athena’s sign appeared in the hall, it is a shield, and the men know that they are in trouble because there are gods and goddesses that have intervened.
Why does Odysseus refuse Eurymachus’ proposal? (Death in the Great Hall) Because Tiresias told him to kill all the suitors, also because he is mad, and he wants revenge for his family, his house, and his people.
How does Eurymachus, a suitor, try to talk his way out of the situation? (Death in the Great Hall) He says that Antinous was the one that made all of them do what they have done, they will also resupply the wine and cattle, and from every one of them they would give them 20 oxen, and gifts of gold and bronze.
Describe Antinous’ death. Why is it ironic? (Death in the Great Hall) Antinous begins to pick up a cup of wine, and he is about to drink it when Odysseus shoots his arrow, which hits him in the throat right under the chin, and the arrow went so far only the feathers were sticking out of the front of his throat. Antinous was about to take a drink of wine, the wine that was Odysseus’ and in his own cup, and when Odysseus shoots him, it is like saying, no more can you drink or eat of my things, no more can you talk to my wife, you are done.
What metaphor does Odysseus make about the suitors’ upcoming deaths? Why is this ironic and appropriate at the same time? (The Test of the Bow) Its time to cook their Lordship’s mutton (lamb). This is ironic because it explains exactly how the suitors have been acting, they have been eating, and taking up space like lambs do.
How is Odysseus described as he is stringing the bow? (The Test of the Bow) He is compared to a harpist, because it is so easy, it is like art.
What task does Odysseus assign Eumaeus? To the Cowherd? (The Test of the Bow) Eumaeus is supposed to give Odysseus the bow, and lock in the women so that they are protected. The Cowherd is supposed to lock the gate of the compound to keep everyone in.
How does Odysseus test the swineherd and cowherd? What does he promise them if they help him? (The Test of the Bow) He gives them a hypothetical, “if your master came back to fight the suitors, then where would you stand?” He promises them that they could have closer houses to Odysseus, he will set them up with women, they will have cattle.
How do the suitors do with the test? (The Test of the Bow) They couldn’t string the bow at all, they did really bad.
What is the test that Penelope is giving to the suitors? (The Test of the Bow) Penelope lost faith in Odysseus coming home, and so she came up with a plan to decide who to marry. So she found Odysseus’ bow, and said if a man can string the bow, and shoot the arrow through 12 axheads, then she will marry him.
What do you think is significant about Argos’ death? (The Beggar at the Manor) Argos recognizes his master, then dies. It is as if Argos was only living to see his master for one last time. It is significant because Odysseus finally realizes how things have changed for the worse since he has been gone during the 20 years.
Why do you think the suitors are so hateful toward the beggar? What does this reveal about them? (The Beggar at the Manor) The suitors are so hateful towards the beggar because they think that they are better than them, and they think that he is dumb for even coming to that house. It reveals that they think that they are superior to the beggar although it is actually Odysseus.
What is ironic in the fact that the suitors refuse to help the “beggar?” (The Beggar at the Manor) It is ironic because he is the actual king of the land. Also, because they are like beggars themselves, they are taking food and bed from Odysseus’ house, however, it is not their house.
Read all of the stories, because there aren’t that many, and they should help give more info than I have. The Beggar at the Manor, The Test of the Bow, Death in the Great Hall, The Trunk of the Olive Tree.

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