The Odyssey Part II

What is Odysseus disguised as at the beginning of “Father and Son”? A beggar
What is ironic about the way that the swineherd meets Telemachus, Odysseus’s son? The swineherd greets Telemachus like he is Telemachus’s father.
Why does Telemachus go to see the swineherd? Telemachus wants to find out if Penelope married one of the suitors while he was away.
How does Telemachus treat the beggar? Telemachus is respectful to the beggar. He shows him hospitality, an important Greek custom.
What problems face Father and Son? Father and Son must confront the Suitors at the palace.
What is significant about the way that the palace servants have treated Argos? The way that a society treats its animals reflects how the society treats its weakest members.
What do dogs represent in many stories? Loyalty.
How does Argos recognize his master, Odysseus? Argos recognizes his master’s voice. Then, Argos wags his tail since he is too old to do anything else.
How does Odysseus react when he sees Argos? He is deeply touched but he tries to maintain self-control.
When Odysseus is dressed as a beggar, what does he tell Penelope? Odysseus tells Penelope that Odysseus is on his way home.
What is the test of the Great Bow? The Suitor must string Odysseus’s bow and then shoot an arrow through twelve ax handles.
Why does Homer use visual, auditory, tactile and smell imagery in this story? Homer uses imagery in the story to allow listeners to more clearly imagine the story and engage all the reader’s senses.
Why does Odysseus hide his identity from the swineherd and the cowherd? Odysseus is not sure if the cowherd and swineherd will be loyal to him or to the Suitors.
What is ironic about Penelope’s weaving? Penelope weaves a funeral cloth for her father-in-law during the day but unravels what she did at night. As a result, she does not make any progress; therefore, she will not have to marry a Suitor.
Why do the Suitors think that the beggar, Odysseus, will not be able to string the bow? The Suitors have not been able to string the bow so it would seem unlikely that a beggar would be able to do so.
What is one of the biggest obstacles about fighting the Suitors in the Great Hall? One of the biggest obstacles about fighting the Suitors is that there are four “heroes” versus one hundred Suitors.
To what is Odysseus compared as he prepares to string the bow? Odysseus is compared to a harpist, a musician who plays a harp.
Who removed the weapons and shields from the Great Room? Telemachus removes the weapons and shields from the Great Room.
Which two gods support Odysseus in his fight against the Suitors? Zeus and Athena.
Why does Antinous die first? Odysseus hates Antinous because he called the beggar names, hit the beggar with a chair, and was the ringleader among the Suitors.
What does Eurymachus’s speech to Odysseus reveal about Eurymachus’s character? By blaming Antinous for his bad behavior, Eurymachus shows that he is unable to take responsibility for his actions.
To what are Odysseus, Telemachus, the cowherd and the swineherd compared at the end of “The Death at the Palace”? Odysseus, Telemachus, the cowherd and the swineherd are compared to falcons with sharp talons.
Why does Penelope not immediately run to greet Odysseus? Penelope is afraid of a trick by the gods.
At the beginning of their conversations, were Odysseus and Penelope kind to each other? No, Odysseus and Penelope are cruel to one another after the fight in the Great Hall.
Who do both Odysseus and Penelope blame for their problems? Both Odysseus and Penelope blame the gods and goddesses (immortals) for all of their problems.
What is the secret of the marriage bed? Odysseus built the bed and it cannot be moved from its location.
What is the final image of the story? The final image of the story is a sailor who has been saved from the sea.
How does Odysseus conquer temptation and hardship throughout the stories? Odysseus overcomes temptation and hardship throughout the stories by using his guile in peace and war.
Is Odysseus a resourceful planner? Yes, Odysseus is a resourceful planner.
Does Odysseus take reckless chances when he confronts the Suitors in the hall? No, Odysseus has a plan to conquer the Suitors that is well thought out and can be successful.

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