The Odyssey Part 3

Describe what Athena says and does to Odysseus. She tells him about the suitors in house, disguises him as a beggar and helps him plan to kill the suitors
Describe Telemachus’ reaction when Odysseus reveals himself He doesn’t believe it at first but then he cries because he is happy.
What does Odysseus direct his son to do in preparation for an attack on the suitors? Count the weapons and men and tell him what they’re up against
Describe Antinous’ treatment of Odysseus. He talks bad about him and is mean to him/ hits him in the shoulder
What fate does Odysseus wish for Antinous? He calls upon the furies and brings about his death
Why do the other suitors speak against Antinous? They are afraid he may be a god I’m disguise
Describe Penelope’s reaction to the events in the hall. She is aware of how bad Antinous is and asks to question Odysseus
Describe Eurynome’s reaction to the same events. He/she agrees and knows Antinous is a terrible person
What reason does Odysseus have for not answering Penelope’s questions about his background? It’s heartbreaking and it brings him pain to remember it
Describe the trick Penelope used to delay choosing a husband among the suitors She would weave on the loom and unweave a few strings at night
What would Odysseus’ hidden feelings most likely be during this scene? His passion and love for his wife
Describe the suitors’ reaction when Odysseus, still I’m disguise takes up the bow. They laugh and make jokes about him
What might be the meaning of the sign that Zeus gives Path under
Describe the immediate response of the suitors to the killing of Antinous
What argument does Eurymachus use to try to persuade Odysseus to spare him and the others?
Describe how Telemachus aids his father in the battle against the suitors
What are Odysseus’ reasons for slaying all the suitors?
Explain why Odysseus is displeased with Penelope
What is her response to his complaint?
What is Penelope’s test and how does Odysseus pass it?

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