“The Odyssey” Part 2 Study Guide

What is the overall theme of the “Return of Odysseus?” good triumphs over evil
What is the overall conflict regarding The “Return of Odysseus?” man vs. manOdysseus must win back both his wife and home and also must kill all of Penelope’s suitors who plan to kill his sonalso, Odysseus must figure out if his wife still cares for him
What is the setting of “20 Years and I’m Back Again?” Eumaeus’ hut on Ithaca and also outside of it (frontyard)
Who is Penelope? she is Odysseus’ wife who was courted by multiple suitors while he was away; had son named Telemachus with Odysseus; rich and beautiful
Who is Telemachus? he is Odysseus’ son; smart/wise like father; was tricked by father’s disguise, then thought he was god; fought alongside Odysseus with the suitors
Who were the suitors? ALOT of men who came from all over Greece to marry Penelope; planned to kill Telemachus for his father’s lands; leader was Antinous
Give 3 examples of epithets ex: “Athena”- “Hope of soldiers””Zeus”- “______ All provident””Athena”- “Pallas _____”
What was Athena’s role in this episode? she acted as the enabler, aider, and guise of all of Odysseus’ actions; ((seen with her disguising him/gave wide counsel on when to tell Telemachus his actual identity/ hinted at helping him against suitors))
Homeric Simile: ex: when Odysseus mad Telemachus cried, it was compared to the cries of hawks when their babies are stolen
What was Odysseus’ plan to defeat the suitors? it was for Telemachus to store all weaponry away from suitors; but to keep out 2 spears/2 broadswords/2 oxhide shields for them ((on pretext that weapons were his dad’s before the war (20 years old) and he was afraid they’d kill each other (when drunk and would use weapons)
How did both the Phaeacians (mostly) and gods (some) help Odysseus finally get home? once Odysseus finished his story, a Phaecian noblemen ESCORTED him home swiftly on cutter. The Phaeacians sent him home after 20 years with gifts of bronze/gold/woven things which the gods hid for him in a cave.
Who did Odysseus think/know would help in his fight with his wife’s suitors? Zeus and Athena
What did Odysseus and Telemachus plan to do after they make their battle plan? they decided to figure out how corrupt the women were and which men were good and those who were those that were dishonorable
How was Athena disguised at the beginning of “20 Years and I’m back again?” a tall/handsome woman, (“clever at her craft”)
Who recognized her? only the dogs (who cowered in fright and were scared of her) and Odysseus (knew her from nod and sign of eyebrows)((not everyone could see/recognize the gods))
Who predicted/foresaw all that happened while Odysseus went home? homer/Tiresias/Polyphemus
Is the castle in chaos because of the suitor’s presence and plans? yes
Why did Athena disguise Odysseus? to make him blend in
Is Eumaeus his freind? yes
How did Athena disguise Odysseus the 2nd time? tall/young/handsome/square jaw
Why did Athena want to battle the suitors? she was the war goddess
Did Odysseus take responsibility for not being in Telemachus’ life? yes
How were you supposed to act if man in this story? to show no feelings; “unprincely”
What idiom was used during Telemacus’ and Odysseus’ reunion? “another twist of the knife”
Name a specific part of Polyphemus’ prayer that was answered on Odysseus’ travel home “that he return home under strange sail” was answered when Odysseus gained passage from Phaecians, who weren’t his own people
What showed that the Phaecians were a civilize culture? they took him home with gifts (show of hospitality, which was huge in civilized Greek culture) of bronze and gold
Did Odysseus and his son seem to have the odds staked against them if to battle suitors? yes: they were largely outnumbered, but Athena and Zeus would even out the battle with their help
What lesson did Oyessues try to teach his son that he never learned? the lesson of holding back angerand not reacting to certain situations (like when his dad was going to be made fun of by suitors)
Name 1 more epithet “Telemachus”:”Clearheaded——-“
What does the phrase “Tempered iron can magnetize a man”, mean? it means people could be tested like iron is to see what is inside
Why did Odysseus and Telemachus have to, “see how much the women were corrupted”? they had to know how much to trust women, since the “talk alot”
What does the name of Odysseus’ dog refer to? What is the name of his dog? it’s named Argus to refer to that city, “Arcadia,” and to refer to Jason’s Ship,”Argos,” in Jason and the Argonauts
Why couldn’t Argus get up and go towards Odysseus once he saw him? he was too tired; but, he he tried as much as he could to lift ears and muzzle
Who was a symbol for Odysseus and why? argus was a symbol for him because he was treated horribly and like trash
How was the only way to acknowledge Argus without blowing his cover? he could only cry a single tear without Eumaeus knowing that he showed emotion

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