The Odyssey Part 2 Questions

How long has Odysseus been gone from Ithaca? 20 years
What condition is Odysseus’ home in when he returns? It was in turmoil because suitors were living in his home and they were using the inheritance of Telemachus
What disguise does Odysseus assume? Beggar
Who does Telemachus think that Odysseus is when they first meet? Beggar
What does Odysseus tell Penelope about himself? He tells her about his heroic deeds and how he is sailing home
Why do you think that Odysseus chooses not to reveal his true identity to his wife? To test her faith and loyalty with the other suitors
How has Penelope been able to avoid marriage for many years? She pretends to be working and weaving
What challenge does Penelope create for the suitors? Whoever could string Odysseus’ bow and fire an arrow through twelve axe handles would be able to marry her.
What does the suitor who completes the challenge win? marriage
Who does Odysseus kill first Antinous
How do the other suitors react when Odysseus kills the first suitor? outrage, and threaten to kill Odysseus. They think the killing is an accident and still do not realize Odysseus’ identity or intentions.
Why does Eurymachus feel that Odysseus should spare the rest of the suitors? Eurymachus admits that the suitors were wrong but tries to blame all of the suitors’ evils on Antinous
Who fights Odysseus’ side during the battle with the suitors (god’s and men)? – Telemachus, his son- Eumaeus, the swineherd- Philoetius, the cow herd- a stockman
Why is Odysseus surprised by Penelope’s attitude towards him?
Briefly explain the “test” that Penelope uses to be sure that Odysseus is really her long-lost husband. Penelope asks Odysseus if he will arrange to have his bed moved out of their bedroom while she gets used to him being home. Odysseus replies that this is impossible because the bed is built around a tree which grows within and forms a fundamental part of the structure of the palace and so to move it would be impossible. Only Odysseus would have known this and so he passes Penelope’s test.
Who is Argus? Odysseus’ dog
How does Argus recognize Odysseus? his voice
What happens after Argus sees Odysseus? he dies
How does Antinous treat Odysseus when he first meets him? poorly
How does Penelope feel about the suitors? she didn’t want them there and felt uncomfortable with their presence

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