The Odyssey Part;2

How long has Odysseus been gone from Ithaca? 20 yrs
Why don’t the suitors and servants recognize Odysseus when he first appears? Athena disguises him as a beggar.
What are the suitors doing at Odysseus’ house? They are want to marry Penelope.
Which god or goddess helps disguise Odysseus? Athena
Who does Odysseus go to first? Eumaeous
What is this man’s job? To herd swine
Who arrives while he is visiting the person? His son Telemachus
What three things does Odysseus tell Telemachus to do? Go home and mingle, bring an hide the weapons that are there, don’t anyone know Im here.
Who is Argus? Odysseus’ dog
What happens to him after Argus sees his master? He dies of old age.
Who is Antinous? Arrogant suitor leader.
How does Antinous treat Odysseus? Like he is nothing, harsh.
What does he do to Odysseus? Threw a stool at his back and mocks him.
Why are some of the suitors ashamed of Antinous’ behavior? They thought that Odysseus might be a god disguised as a mortal, and something bad was going to happen because of the way they were treating him.
Why do the suitors look down on Odysseus? Because he look like a beggar and they don’t know it’s him.
How will Penelope decided who she will marry? By testing each man to see if they could string a bow and shoot an arrow through 12 axe handles.
What are some of the insults the suitors say to Odysseus? Dealer in bows, a bow lover!
Does Odysseus complete the task? Yes, easily
What do the suitors hear after he completes the task? A thunder bolt from Zeus
Who does Odysseus kill first? Antinous
Why was Antinous selected first? He was the leader and mocked Odysseus the most.
Why are the other suitors so brazen and still yelling at Odysseus even though he has already killed a man? To stall and ask for mercy
In the struggle between Odysseus and the suitors how would you characterize Odysseus’ actions? Vengeful
In the fight between Odysseus and the suitors what god(s) assist him? Apollo
Who aided Odysseus in his battle against the suitors. Eumaeus, his son, and herdsmen
Who is Eurynome? Housekeeper
Penelope’s initial reaction to Odysseus is one of what? Doubtful and uncertain
What causes Penelope to accept Odysseus as her true husband? He describes the bed he made for them that no one else knows about.
Eumaeus swinehearder
Athena goddess
Telemachus Odysseus’ son
Argus Odysseus’ dog
Antinous arrogant suitor
Penelope Odysseus’ wife
Euryame Housekeeper

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