The Odyssey Part 2

Who does Telemachus think Odysseus is when they first reunite He thinks that he is a God and an old beggar.
Compare Odysseus’ emotions with those of Telemachus at their reunion Odysseus is very emotional in seeing his son, but Telemachus is afraid because he thinks he is a god or the gods are trying to trick him
Describe Antinous’ treatment of Odysseus He is incredibly rude because he looks down upon the poor
What does Odysseus tell Penelope about himself? He knew Odysseus and he is coming home. He is a wanderer with a painful past that is hard to believe.
Why do you think Odysseus chooses not to reveal his identity to his wife? To test her faithfulness, he does not want to risk his plan being ruined.
Which of Odysseus responsibilities are revealed in this section He has to get rid of his suitors and keep his family safe.
When Odysseus returns to his home, who helps him? Telemachus and Athena
What does the varying social status of Odysseus’ helpers suggest about his character? He does not judge.
What planning does Odysseus do before he battles the suitors? He hides the weapons and armor so that the suitors are defenseless and he also hides his identity.
How does his planning help him defeat his opponents? he suitors cannot defend themselves.
What is Penelope’s test, and how does Odysseus pass it? She said that she moved the bed and Odysseus asks how because it was grounded.
Why does Penelope feel the need to test Odysseus even though he has abandoned his disguise? She wants to make sure that the gods were not messing with her.
Do you think Odysseus kills the suitors to fulfill his responsibilities? Explain. yes, if he did not (even if he revealed his identity) the suitors still might have tried to over throw Odysseus for his power.
Is Odysseus’ revenge justified? Why or Why not? Yes, because he was protecting his family.

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