The Odyssey Part 2

In what state does Odysseus return home? disguised as a begger
Who tells Odysseus to disguise himself in Ithaca? Athena
Why does Athena give O. disguise-advice? so the suitors don’t kill him so they can marry Penelope
What is Odysseus’ disguise? poor begger
Who is Eumaeus? pig-herder, Odysseus’ friend
What is relationship between Telemachus and Eumaeus? Eumaeus–Telemachus’ father figure
Is Eumaeus very loyal to Odysseus? YES
What does Athena warn Telemachus of as he returns home? that the suitors in his house want to kill him
Why do the suitors want to kill Telemachus? because he is heir to throne, they want the throne
How long has Telemachus been away from Ithaca? 1 year
Why was Telemachus away? he went to Nestor to see if he knew if Odysseus was alive/dead
How long has Odysseus been away from IthacA? 20 years
What does Athena do to improve Odysseus’ appearance? taps him w/ wand, makes him young, handsome, clean
How do Telemachus and Eumaeus treat the begger? awesome-ly
When Odysseus is transformed, how does Telemachus react? he’s afraid–thinks Odysseus is a god, asks for them to be nice to him
Describe reunion of Telemachus and Odysseus they hug and let out a terrifying screech
Who is Eurycleia? Odysseus’ family nurse
Is Eurycleia loyal to Odysseus? yes
Who is Argos? – Odysseus’ dog- treated like crap and lives in crap while Odysseus is away
How does Odysseus react when he sees Argos? he cries, but doesn’t go up to him to help
Why doesn’t Odysseus help Argos? he doesn’t want to give away his disguise
When Argos was young, how was he? super-dog, hunter, awesome
Why has Argos survived through all the “crap” he’s gone through? (hehe…no pun intended) he was waiting to see Odysseus
What does story of Argos represent? loyalty
Who is begger? Odysseus
What does Argos’ scene show about Odysseus? he is sensitive and was a family man
How does Penelope treat the old begger? very well
What does this show about Penelope? she has great hospitality
Who regonizes Odysseus 1st while in his home as begger? Eurycleia
How does Eurycleia recognize Odysseus? sees scar while washing his feet
Why doesn’t Eurycleia tell about Odysseus’ disguise? Athena wipes her memory
How are conditions in Ithaca now? terrible, dirty, bad
Why doesn’t Odysseus reveal himself to Penelope here? he wants to be sure she still loves him
Who is speaker in the poem about Penelope? Penelope
What is 1st deal Penelope makes with suitors? when she finishes weaving blanket, she’ll pick a suitor
How is her plan a trick? every night, she unweaves her blanket
What is final test Penelope gives to suitors? if they can bind/string Odysseus’ bow and then shoot it through an ax, she will marry them
Why does Penelope give this task? she knows only Odysseus can do it
How does Penelope react when holding Odysseus’ bow? she cries and misses Odysseus
Who does Odysseus reveal identity to right before bow-contest? Eumaeus and Philoeteus
Why does he reveal himself to them? he tests them, and they pass
Who’s help does Odysseus need in order to beat the suitors? Zeus’
What is Odysseus’ plan to beat the suitors? lock away women so safe, lock doors so trapped, take suitors’ weapons
What is Odysseus’ mindset during contest? calm
What is ratio of good guys to suitors while in room? 4 vs. 100
How do suitors react when Odysseus wins? shocked, dead silent
Why do they act this way? Odysseus still a begger
What happens right when Odysseus wins? thunderclap from Zeus
Who is Antinous? meanest, rudest suitor
What happens to Antinous? Odysseus kills him
How does Odysseus kill Antinous? while Antinous drinks wine, Odysseus shoots his chin, blood and wine everywhere
Who is Eurymachus? disloyal suitor
Why appears in room with suitors/Odysseus? Athena’s aegis
Why does the aegis scare/anger suitors? tells them they have no chance; goddess on Odysseus’ side
What happens to disloyal maids? they have to clean up bodies of suitors, and get hanged as payment
Why would cleaning up bodies of suitors be bad for maids? they were their lovers
What does Penelope do when Odysseus reveals himself? she questions him
Why does she do this? she’s smart, being loyal, double-checking
What is Penelope’s test for Odysseus? she tells maids to move bed to see if Odysseus knows their secret
What is secret about bed? bed built in tree, can’t be moved
Who knows the bed secret? only Odysseus and Penelope
How does story end? embrace between Odysseus and Penelope

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