The Odyssey Part 2

Who helps Odysseus return to Ithaca after twenty years? King Alcinous and Athena
2. Once in Ithaca, whom does Odysseus visit and how is he disguised? As a old man and Swinehard . Emuams
In Odysseus’ absence, where has his son Telemachus journeyed? Why? Palos. to look for his father / find out news from his father.
What news does Athena share with Telemachus? Go home. But the suitors are trying to kill his father
When Telemachus returns to Ithaca, who does he visit first? Why? Swineherd (emamus) , to see if his mother has remarried or not.
What important Greek value does Telemachus’ and Eumaues’ treatment of the unknown beggar reveal? Welcoming guest. (Hospatatlity)
How does Athena transform Odysseus just before he reveals his identity to Telemachus? Golden wand. & Changes him from OLD to YOUNG.
Why is it ironic that Odysseus should return to Ithaca in beggar’s rags? Because you would think he’s the king.
What is Argos’ condition when Odysseus sees him? In telling us how Odysseus’s dog is kept, what is Homer also telling us about conditions in Ithaca? He’s old and weak. It’s not being taken care of.
What tale does the “beggar” tell Penelope? How does he describe Odysseus, and why do you think he adds these details? That Odysseus is almost home back to Ithaca. He describes himself as an
How is Penelope’s interview with the beggar ironic? She doesn’t recognized that it is him.
Who recognized Odysseus, despite his rags, when he returns to his kingdom? By what hidden sign did she recognize him? His nurse or nanny. Because, of his scar that he had on his foot.
What do we learn about the character of Penelope in her interview with the beggar? She is cunning, she has remained loyal and faithful to Odysseus and it’s getting too weak to continue to fight to avoid marriage.
Why do you think Odysseus continues to keep his identity hidden from his wife? He wanted to find out if she was faithful to him while he was gone.
In setting up the test of the bow for the suitors, how is Penelope really suggesting she is looking for Odysseus? Cause, she knows that the person who she’s really supposed to marry could do it.
What does Penelope promise the winner of the contest? That whoever is able to win her test for the bow gets to marry her.
Just before Odysseus steps forward to try the bow, he reveals his identity to two other people. Who are they, and why does he reveal himself to them? Swineherd (Emamus) & Cowherd (Philoeteus). & Because, they were the only two man who were praying & wanting Odysseus to return back home to Ithaca.
As the epic reaches its climax, two signs are sent from Olympus to indicate the god’s approval of Odysseus. What are they? Zeus makes it thunder. Athena sends her shield. & To show that all of those suiters that she is on Odysseus side.
Is Odysseus’ revenge on the suitors and maids excessive? Defend your answer? Cleans up the mess than he kills them for batraing him.
How does Penelope test Odysseus after the battle? That she would have her bed moved into another room. BUT the tree will not be moved.
What characteristic of their marriage bed suggests the strength and endurance of their love? That their love is strong just like the tree is..

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