The Odyssey Part 1 Test Review

In the opening verses Homer invokes (calls upon) the Muse ofepic poetry named___________. Calliope
Who are the Muses? They are any of the nine goddesses of the arts, literature, and the sciences.
In the Adventures of Odysseus: Paraphrase lines 10-15 that tell what happens to Odysseus’ men. They ate the cattle of Helios and died.
In the Adventures of Odysseus: In lines 16-17, Calliope is asked to do what? She is asked to tell the story.
In Sailing from Troy: _____ years after the Trojan War, Odysseus departs from the goddess _______’s island.He then arrives in ____________ where the ruler named ___________ offers Odysseus aship and asks Odysseus to tell about his adventures. 10, Calypso, Phaeacia, Alcinous
Who is Laertes? Father of Odysseus
In Sailing from Troy: ________ is an island off the west coast of Greece and is Odysseus’ _____________. Ithaca, home
Describe Ithaca’s features. “…being most lofty in that coastal sea…a rocky isle…”
In Sailing from Troy: The goddess ______________ and the enchantress _______ both have detainedOdysseus because both desire him. Calypso, Circe
In Sailing from Troy: Odysseus does NOT give in to the charms of Circe. Why? “Where shall a man find sweetness to surpass his own home and his parents?”
In Sailing from Troy: Ismarus is a strongpoint on the coast of _______. Cicones
In Sailing from Troy: What advantage did the Cicones have over Odysseus? They outnumbered Odysseus.
In the Lotus-Eaters: ___________ causes a storm against Odysseus and his men so that they lay offshore for_______ days and nights. Zeus, two
In the Lotus-Eaters: Odysseus and his men almost make it safely home after the storm. What happens to prevent this? “…but as I came round Malea the current took me out to sea…”
In the Lotus-Eaters: For nine days, Odysseus and his men drift on the sea before high winds. On the tenth day,they come to the land of the _____________ who live upon that ______________. Lotus-Eaters, flower
In the Lotus-Eaters: What happens to anyone who eats the lotus? “…they longed to stay forever…”
In the Lotus-Eaters: If Odysseus’ men eat the lotus, what are the consequences? “…no one taste of the Lotus, or you lose your hope of home.”
In the Lotus-Eaters: How does Odysseus keep his men from eating the lotus? “All hands aboard; come, clear the beach and no one taste of the Lotus, or you lose your hope of home.”
In the Lotus-Eaters: What do we learn about Odysseus as an epic hero and his leadership from the Lotus-Eaters? He is observant and cautious, because he can understand the consequences of eating the lotus.
In the Lotus-Eaters: How do Odysseus’ actions contrast to his men’s in the Lotus-Eaters? Odysseus’ men want to eat the flower, but Odysseus can see the consequences.
In The Cyclops: In the land of the _________, there is no law or justice. Each of these dwells in his own mountain cave. His attitude might be described as ________________ towhat the others do. Cyclopes, indifferent
In The Cyclops: Describe the Cyclops. “A prodigious man slept in this cave alone, and took his flocks to graze afield–remote from all companions, knowing none but savage ways, a brute so huge, he seemed no man at all of those who eat good wheaten bread; but he seemed rather a shaggy mountain reared in solitude.”
In The Cyclops: Odysseus and _________ of his men go ashore in hopes of receiving food and hospitality. 12
In The Cyclops: In case Odysseus and his men encounter a Cyclops, he takes with him a peace offering anda necessity. What are they? A goatskin full of Maron’s liquor and food/other provisions
In The Cyclops: Who gives Odysseus gifts of “seven shining golden talents, a solid silver winebowl, and twelve two-handled jars of brandy, pure and fiery?” Maron
In The Cyclops: What does this digression tell us about Odysseus? He was a hero of great size.
In The Cyclops: The Cyclops returns to his cave to do hischores. He seals off the cave with a slab of solid _______, hemming in Odysseus and hismen. Rock
In The Cyclops: The Cyclops calls ____________ a “ninny,” a person who is a fool. Odysseus
In The Cyclops: How does Odysseus respond to the Cyclops’ question about his ship? He says it sunk.
In The Cyclops: The Cyclops begins his cannibalistic ritual by eating a brace of Odysseus’ men for hisevening meal. How many is a brace? A pair
In The Cyclops: The Cyclops ends up eating how many of Odysseus’ men? Six
In The Cyclops: Odysseus’ plan is to make a _______ from a six foot section of an _________ tree. Themen will hew the wood so it has a pointed end and toughen it in the ___________. Whenthe Cyclops falls asleep, Odysseus and his men will ram the stake into the Cyclops’one_____. The blinded Cyclops will not then see the men escape. Spear, olive, fire, eye
In The Cyclops: Odysseus offers the Cyclops his strong wine for what reason? The Cyclops will fall asleep.
In The Cyclops: Odysseus continues with his plan by telling the Cyclops that his name is _____________. Nohbdy
In The Cyclops: Unfortunately, the slab of rock is still in place so Odysseus must come up with a further plan of escape. Describe his plan in lines 377-387. Odysseus and his men would tie the Cyclops’ sheep around them so he would let them out, thinking they were the sheep.
In The Cyclops: Odysseus cannot keep his mouth shut and calls Polyphemus a “cannibal, eater of guests”which angers him. What does Polyphemus do to retaliate? The Cyclops throws a hilltop at Odysseus’ ship.
In The Cyclops: Odysseus, needing the last word to show that he has defeated the monster, reveals what about himself? Odysseus is very hubristic.
In The Cyclops: Who does the Cyclops ask to get revenge of Odysseus? Poseidon
In The Cyclops: Explain the final line of this selection: “So we moved out, sad…having our precious lives,but not our friends.” Many of Odysseus’ men died.
In The Land of the Dead: Odysseus and his men sail to __________ where Aeolus, king of the _______, sendsOdysseus on his way with a gift – a _______ containing all the winds except the favorable____________ wind. Aeolia, winds, sack, west
In The Land of the Dead: Just before they arrive home, Odysseus’ men open the bag and let loose a ________ thatdrives them back to Aeolia where Aeolus casts them out. Storm
In The Land of the Dead: Odysseus and his men sail for ______ days and arrive in the land of the Laestrygonians, arace of _______________ who destroy all of Odysseus’ _________ except the one onwhich he is sailing. Seven, cannibals, ships
In The Land of the Dead: Odysseus and his men escape and reach ______________, the island ruled by thesorceress – the goddess _________ who transforms _____________ of the men into _______. Aeaea, Circe, half, swine
In The Land of the Dead: Before Odysseus leaves the island a ________ later, Circe informs him that in order toarrive __________, he must first travel to the land of the _______, called _____, andconsult ____________, the blind _________. Year, home, dead, Hades, Tiresias, prophet
In The Land of the Dead: After Odysseus and his men land, they pour _____________ to the dead. Libations
In The Land of the Dead: Odysseus pledges to slaughter his best _________ for the dead when he arrives home. Healso swears to sacrifice a _________ lamb for Tiresias. Heifer, black
In The Land of the Dead: The ________ gather around the sacrifice after coming from ___________, a dark regionunder the earth through which the dead pass before entering ________. Souls, Erebus, Hades
In The Land of the Dead: Describe the souls that gather. Brides, young men, old men, tender girls, soldiers
In The Land of the Dead: The first soul (shade) to come to Odysseus is _____________, a former shipmate of his. Elpenor
In The Land of the Dead: How did Elpenor die? He fell, drunk, off of Circe’s roof.
In The Land of the Dead: What was Elpenor’s one request? He wanted a proper burial.
In The Land of the Dead: The next shade to approach Odysseus is ____________, his mother. Anticlea
In The Land of the Dead: Before Tiresias speaks, he tastes the _________ in order to speak the __________. Blood, truth
In The Land of the Dead: Tiresias’s prophecy, the god who thunders on land, _____________, will cause trouble becauseOdysseus has blinded his son ________________. Poseidon, Polyphemus
In The Land of the Dead: Tiresias’s prophecy, Odysseus and his men will be tempted to eat the ________________ of Helios, the ________ god. Cattle, sun
In The Land of the Dead: Tiresias’s prophecy, if the beeves (herds) are destroyed, Odysseus’ army will be destroyed and only_____________ will survive Odysseus
In The Land of the Dead: Tiresias’s prophecy, the “narrow strait” that will take Odysseus and his men through the troubles issymbolically “_____________ of yourself and _______________ of his shipmates. Denial, restraint
In The Sirens: Odysseus returns to _________’s island; there she reveals to him his course home andgives him advice on how to avoid the dangers he will face. Circe
In The Sirens: How are the men supposed to restrain Odysseus? They should tie him up on the mast and whip him every time he tries to escape.
In The Sirens: Odysseus’ plan to prevent his men from hearing the sirens’ song is to carve a cake of_____________ into bits and roll them until soft. He then places the wax “thick on their_________.” Beeswax, ears
In The Sirens: How many sirens do they row past? Two
In The Sirens: The sirens’ song makes Odysseus try to say “‘_______ _____!'” to the crew, but the men just pull the line _____________ and continue ______________ until the song fades. Untie me, tighter, rowing
In Scylla and Charybdis: What do the men see and hear that terrifies them? “…I saw smoke and white water, with sound of waves in tumult…”
In Scylla and Charybdis: Seeing their fear, Odysseus walks up and down the ship, giving them a pep talk and trying “to put the ___________” into them. Heart
In Scylla and Charybdis: What leadership qualities does he display when he gives his men the pep talk? Leadership, poise, courageous
In Scylla and Charybdis: Odysseus sends his men on toward _________, the monster of the _____________ rock. Scylla, gray
In Scylla and Charybdis: The men row on with Scylla on their port side (left) and _____________ on their starboard beam (right). Charybdis
In Scylla and Charybdis: Suddenly, Scylla whisks ________ of Odysseus’ men from the ship. Six
In Scylla and Charybdis: Homeric simile, ______________ dangles the _________ in the air near the rocks like a ____________ dangles a _________ from a hook. Scylla, men, fisherman, bass or mackerel
In Cattle of the Sun God: Just before dawn, _____________ sends a storm that causes Odysseus and his men todrag the ship to cover in a ______ ________ or grotto Zeus, sea cave
In Cattle of the Sun God: Odysseus’ men agree to not eat the cattle, but what happens to them to change their minds? They begin to starve.
In Cattle of the Sun God: The storms continue, so Odysseus goes ashore to ______ to the gods for help, but they answer by making him fall into a deep __________. Pray, sleep
In Cattle of the Sun God: While Odysseus is asleep, ______________ makes a plea to the men. Eurylochus
In Cattle of the Sun God: He suggests they take Helios’s best __________ to make a______________ to the gods. Cattle, sacrifice
In Cattle of the Sun God: A synonym for cattle is _________. Kine
In Cattle of the Sun God: The men have to use ________ __________ to lure the cattle because they have no barley meal. Oak leaves
In Cattle of the Sun God: Before cooking the meat, the men make offerings of ________ ________ wrapped in fat and also make __________ of spring water to the gods. Thigh bones, libation
In Cattle of the Sun God: The nymph ____________ has gotten word to the Overlord of Noon, __________, thatOdysseus’ men have killed his cattle. Lampetia, Helios
In Cattle of the Sun God: Lord Helios vows to ________ the dead men in the ________ if Odysseus’ men do not payin full. Light, underworld
In Cattle of the Sun God: Zeus agrees to “throw down one ______-________ bolt and make _____________ of their ship in the winedark _______. White-hot, splinters, sea
In Cattle of the Sun God: The gods make queer signs appear. An example is the _________ begin to _________. Cowhides, move OR Beef, moo
In Cattle of the Sun God: Zeus sends a _________ that strikes the ship and “_____ the men were flung into thesea.” Bolt, all
In Cattle of the Sun God: The ship breaks apart so Odysseus lashes the __________ and ___________ together toform a __________ for him to straddle and float upon. Mast, keel, raft
In Cattle of the Sun God: A gale sends Odysseus straight for ____________ who lives under a_________ tree. As Odysseus is about to be caught in the whirlpool, what does he do? Charybdis, fig, holds onto the tree until his raft reappears
In Cattle of the Sun God: The raft reappears; he falls upon it, and rows with his ________ past _____________. Hands, Scylla
In Cattle of the Sun God: Odysseus then passes through the _________ and drifts for _________ days beforereaching _______Island, where Calypso lives. He will live with her for seven years. Strait, nine, Ogygia

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