The Odyssey Part 1 Study Guide

Genre Epic poem
Epic Poem A long narrative about the deeds of gods and heroes
Epic Hero A larger than life figure from history or legend that undertakes a dangerous voyage
Odysseus The king of Ithaca
Alcinous King of the Phoenicians, to whom Odysseus tells his story
Calypso Sea goddess who loved Odysseus
Circe Enchantress who helped Odysseus
Zeus King of the gods
Apollo God of music, poetry, prophecy, and medicine
Agamemnon King and leader of Greek forces
Poseidon God of the sea, earthquakes, horses, and storms at sea
Athena Goddess of wisdom, skills, and warfare
Polyphemus The Cyclops who imprisoned Odysseus
Laertes Odysseus’ father
Cronus Titan ruler of the universe;father of Zeus
Perimedes Member of Odysseus’ crew
Eurylochus Another member of Odysseus’ crew
Tiresias Blind prophet who advised Odysseus
Persephone Wife of hades
Telemachus Odysseus and Penelope’s son
Sirens Creatures whose song lure sailors to their deaths
Scylla Sea monster of gray rock
Charybdis Enormous and dangerous whirlpool
Lampetia Nymph
Hermes Herald and messenger of the gods
Eumaeus Old swineherd and friend of Odysseus
Antinous Leader among the suitors
Eurynome Housekeeper for Penelope
Penelope Odysseus’Wife
Eurymachus Suitor
Amphinomus Another Suitor
Sailing from Troy – they stormed Cicones- he told them to leave but they stayed and took everything, so they lost many men
The Lotus Eaters – they landed for water, then ate lotus flowers and had no desire to leave- Odysseus had to drag them back
The Cyclops – they went into Polyphemus’ cave and then he ate them- they gave him brandy then stabbed him in the eye, then rode out on the belly of the beast – Odysseus taunted Polyphemus and almost didn’t escape
The Land of the Dead – he encounter Tiresias, who told Odysseus his prediction about what will happen when he gets home
The Sirens – they sing songs that lure sailors to their deaths – he told his crew to tie him down and muffle him so he could the song without hurting anyone- the sailors kept steering the ship with beeswax on their ears so they couldn’t hear the song
Scylla and Charybdis – they came between the monsters – he went more towards Scylla without telling the crew – Scylla ate 6 of his men
The Cattle of the Sun of God – they are Helios’ cattle – Odysseus told his men that if they are the cattle they would die – they are the cattle so Zeus killed them by striking their ship with lightening – only Odysseus survived

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