The Odyssey Part 1 Questions

The Muses Who does Homer appeal to for inspirations?
a wanderer, skilled at everything How does Homer describe Odysseus?
the townlands, people, and the sea What has Odysseus seen on his journey?
to save his life and to bring his shipmates home Why did Odysseus fight on his journey?
Helios Who is the sun god?
Laertes Who is Odysseus’ father?
Ithaka Where is Odysseus’ home?
rocky What is the terrain like in Odysseus’ home?
Kalypso and Kirke Who detains Odysseus?
Ismaros Where did the wind carry Odysseus?
they fought the Cicones What happened at Ismaros to Odysseus and his men?
lots of lives What did Odysseus’ crew and his men lose at Ismaros?
stormy What type of weather did Odysseus’ crew face on their journey?
9 How many days did Odysseus’ crew drift?
The Lotos Eaters Whose island did Odysseus’ crew arrive at?
a honeyed plant What is the lotos?
to get water Why did Odysseus’ crew land at the Island of the Lotos Eaters?
they fell under the spell of the lotos What happened to the men Odysseus sent out to the Island of the Lotos Eaters?
Odysseus got them, carried them to the ship, tied them to the benches, and then they left How did Odysseus’ men escape the Island of the Lotos Eaters?
giants wo are lawless and barbaric Who are the Kyklopes? Describe them.
12 How many of Odysseus’ best fighters does he choose to go onto the island of the Kyklopes?
liquor What important thing did Odysseus and his men take onto the island of the Kyklopes?
a cave Where did the Kyklopes live?
shepherd What is the Kyklopes occupation basically?
take the ram and leave What did Odysseus’ men want to do initially on the Island of the Kyklopes?
he wanted to see what the giant had to offer Why did Odysseus refuse his men’s initial idea on the Island of the Kyklopes?
dread How did Odysseus’ men feel when the Kyklopes returned and saw them?
hospitality What custom did Odysseus remind the Kyklopes of?
he didn’t care about hospitality How did the Kyklopes react when Odysseus reminded him of hospitality
Poseidon broke his ship What is the lie Odysseus told to the Kyklopes?
ate some of his men What did the Kyklopes proceed to do after Odysseus lied to him about his ship?
because if they did, they would be trapped in the cave Why did Odysseus not kill the Kyklopes originally?
to get him drunk, then poke his eye to blind him What is the plan Odysseus develops to save his men from the Kyklopes?
4 How many men did Odysseus need to carry outhis plan to save them from the Kyklopes?
to get him drunk What was the first part of Odysseus’ plan to save them from the Kyklopes?
Nohbdy What does Odysseus say his name is?
because he couldn’t know who defeated him How was telling the Kyklopes that his name was Nohbdy clever?
by tying themselves to the bellies of the ram, so when Polyphemus let the ram out they would be able to leave unnoticed How did Odysseus and his men escape from the Kyklopes cave?
He tells him his name What mistake does Odysseus make at the Kyklopes beach?
Poseidon Who is the Kyklopes father?
for him to never see his home; or if he does let it be far away, let all his men die, his ships crumble, and for his days to be bitter What is the curse that the Kyklopes places on Odysseus?
a ram; no After they escape the Kyklopes, what offering does Odysseus make? Is it accepted?
Polyphemus What is the Kyklopes’s name?
Kirke The land of the dead was foretold to Odysseus and his men by whom?
wine, water, milk, honey, barley, and his best heifer What sacrifices does Odysseus offer up in the Land of the Dead?
the dead souls To whom does Odysseus offer sacrifices in the Land of the Dead?
Teiresias, black lamb Who gets the most special sacrifice in the Land of the Dead and who is it?
the souls Who first appeared to Odysseus in the Land of the Dead?
the gods below, Death and Persephone Then Odysseus commanded his men to make more sacrifices to whom in the Land of the Dead?
Teiresias Who was Odysseus waiting on to appear in the Land of the Dead?
a ghost What is a shade?
Elpenor, a shipmate Which shade appeared first and who was he in relationship to Odysseus in the Land of the Dead?
? How did Elpenor die?
proper burial with his oar What did the first shade to visit Odysseus ask Odysseus for?
Antikleia, his mother What ghost appeared next (name and relationship to Odysseus in the Land of the Dead?
Teiresias Then finally who appeared to Odysseus in the Land of the Dead?
Teiresias Who is the “prince of Thebes?”
speech The “prince of Thebes” possessed the “gift of _________”
? What is the “prince of Thebes” prophesy? What is going to happen to Odysseus?
Circe Who leaves Odysseus at the beginning of the Seirenes passage?
Circe Odysseus addresses his men when they all leave in the ship and tells them what who foresaw?
? What did she tell them she foresaw?
beeswax and ropes to tie down Ulysses What was the plan to avoid the danger of the Seirenes?
untie him Odysseus begged his men to do what when they traveled through the Seirenes water?
Skylla Odysseus gives his men a pep talk because they are about to encounter what monster?
? What is another phrase for Skylla?
Kharybdis What was the other monster also waiting for them?
? What comparison was used to describe the men getting snatched up by the Skylla?
don’t eat the cattle What does Odysseus tell his men when he “mustered all the crew?”
food What ran out after a month of storms?
? While Odysseus went to pray to the gods, what did Eurylokhos plea for the men to do?
killed the cattle What did the men do on the island of the Cattle of the Sun god?
tells Zeus to punish the crew What does Lord Helios do when he finds out that Odysseus’ men ate his cattle?
the cow hides crawl What terrible “queer signs” happened at the island of the Cattle of the Sun god?
sent down a storm Then what did Zeus do to Odysseus and his men?
Skylla and Kharybdis Then the ship headed down toward what two dangers?
it was swallowed What happened to the ship after the island of the Cattle of the Sun god?
he floated to Kalypso’s island What happened to Odysseus after the whirlpool?

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