The Odyssey – Part 1 Answer Key

What city did Odysseus and his men plunder? Odysseus and his men plundered the city of Troy.
Who has asked Odysseus to tell his tale? Alcinous, king of the Phaeacians, asks Odysseus to tell his story.
What beliefs and values are reflected in lines 65-69? The sailors’ grief indicates how close they are to one another and how much they honor the men with whom they fight.
What words in line 82 remind you that this part is a flashback? The phrase “that time” indicates that Odysseus is retelling one of the many incidents that happened on his journey.
Which characteristics of an epic hero does Odysseus show in “The Lotus-Eaters”? Odysseus displays wisdom when he sends out a scouting party, rather than putting all of his men at risk. When Odysseus realizes the danger of the Lotus, he acts decisively, ordering his ships to sail immediately. He also shows leadership in explaining to his men why they must leave.
(a) While on Ismarus, in what ways do Odysseus’ men disobey orders? (b) What is the result of this disobedience? (c) What lesson might Odysseus take away from this experience? (a) The Greeks mutinied, drank wine, and refused to come back to the ship.(b) As a result of their disobedience, they are attacked by the Cicones and many Greeks are killed. (c) Odysseus might learn that he needs to exercise discipline over his men.
(a) What happens to the men who eat the Lotus? (b) What does this episode suggest about the main problem that Odysseus has with his men? (c) Do you think Odysseus responds appropriately to the three men who long to stay with the Lotus-Eaters? Why or why not? (a) The men who eat the Lotus are lulled into a state of calm forgetfulness and no longer want to return home.(b) Odysseus apparently has trouble instilling a sense of self-control and discipline into his men.(c) {Opinion question}
(a) Note two points at which Odysseus mentions a desire to return home. (b) What significant role might his longing for home play in Odysseus’ epic journey? (a) He mentions a desire to return home as he describes being held by Circe (line 35) and when he describes his escape from the Lotus-Eaters (line 105).(b) His longing for home might give Odysseus extra strength or drive to escape from difficulties.

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