The Odyssey “I Am Laertes’ Son”

what tragedy strikes odysseus at sea? he shipwrecks during a storm
how is odysseus received on the island of scheria, home of king alcinous? treated as a noble guest
describe ithica home island; where odysseus lives
from his self introduction, how do you think odysseus views himself? he thinks highly of himself
summarize what happened at odysseus first stop, ismaros, land of the cicones, on his journey home attacked cicones successfully; men became drunk & didn’t listen to odysseus when they told him to retreat; killed 72 of his men
what danger did odysseus and his men encounter when they landed on the lotus eater’s island? they longed to stay forever & never go home
what did these people eat? a honeyed plant; lotus
how did odysseus solve the problem? ordered the men not to taste the lotus

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